Another week begins, another episode of WWE Raw, episode number 1,195 to be precise and this week coming from The 02 Arena in London. Raw has been flying high since Wrestlemania and there’s no sign of the “Mania hangover” not quite yet anyway. New faces, new fueds and solid episodes have kept the most entertained – This week kept the momentum flowing nicely.

I always enjoy the British crowd, they’re almost as good as the Raw-after-Wrestlemania crowd attracting mostly what the internet community  call “real wrestling fans”. For me, a good raw also counts on a good crowd and I knew we were in for a good night as soon as Ambrose music hit. This  guy is massively over at the moment so its a brilliant idea getting the Ambrose Asylum up and running and his mic skills are second to none. On his original scouting it was his promos that caught the big wigs eyes and not his in ring ability. Ive got to mention Dean’s shout out to the celebs in the crowd, none other than the stupendously famous Mr & Mrs James Corden’s Mum and Dad.



Great to see Shane McMahon back in the UK in god knows how long, he had a huge reaction from the crowd and perfect choice for Ambrose’s first official guest. Obviously a Raw opening segment isnt a proper Raw opening segment until its interrupted, Kevin Owens did just that followed by Sami Zayn (MASSIVE pop), then followed by Y2J. A few matches were made, one for tonight and one for Payback – Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn.


1st Match: Sami Zayn vs Chris Jericho

Not as entertaining as their match on Smackdown, ended with an eyepoke by Jericho and pinfall for the win.

Winner: Jericho

Whilst we’re on Sami Zayn – Does anyone else hate his WWE picture?


BUZZING to see Mauro Ranallo on Raw, he’s one of my favourite MMA commentators and he’s edging ever closer to that Commentary table on Raw where he belongs.

Backstage AJ interview next when… Anderson and Gallows show up, BIG reunion that clearly WWE wanted us to see and hear (More to come on that later) It was definitely strange seeing Anderson & Gallows as heels interacting with Styles as a face too.


2nd Match – Tag Team Tournament Semi Finals – Enzo and Big Cass Vs The Dudleys

Absolutely loving Enzo & Big Cass on Raw, they deserve this call up and they had a huge pop from the crowd. Hearing everybody get involved as much as they do with the entrance, you cant help but make similiarities between them and the New Age Outlaws. Enzo is a king on the mic, Big Cass isnt too shabby either – Big things to come from these as they (Big Cass) easily dusts off The Duds

Winners: Enzo & Big Cass via the Rocket Launcher and pinfall




Next up, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. He gets booed out of the building, obviously. I dont know what WWE are trying to do, but whatever it is, its not working. He says hes not a good guy, he is – He couldnt be less face if his name was John Cena. ANYWAY Styles interrupts him to the pleasure of the crowd to tell Reigns he’s going to win etc etc.. As he’s walking up the ramp to end the segment Anderson & Gallows attack Reigns in the ring, again to the absolute delight of the crowd. AJ tells Reigns afterwards that he had no idea that was going to happen but im sure I saw a cheeky AJ smile before they cut off for the break.. Interesting how they’ll play this one out..


3rd Match – Fandango Vs Baron Corbin (Ziggler guest commentator)

Why you ask? Why Fandango? Because he had the number 1 on itunes about 4 years ago, thats why. So shutup. Squash match as expected and just used to build up a bit more of a story between Corbin and Ziggler. The end of days is a devastating looking move and he hit Ziggler with it outside the ring again. WWE are hyping up Corbin as a beast, they’re giving him promo video packages which are kind of rare these days so things are looking good, it feels like he’s been on the main roster for a while already.

Winner: Baron Corbin via end of days and pinfall


MIZ TV – Im not even going to mention it, usual stuff, the match it leads into however..

4th Match – Cesaro & The New Day Vs The Miz & League of Nations

The New Day get the pop of the night, they are the hottest thing in WWE right now just a shame they didnt get to do anything on the mic. Im sure the Brits would have loved screaming TAAAAG TEEEEEAM CHAAAMPIOOOONS and showing that our hips dont lie either

Winners: Cesaro & New Day


Backstage segment next with Charlotte tearing into Mauro – EY! Easy on Ranallo.. This is a lead up to Nattie announcing Bret being in her corner at WWE Payback, good move.


5th Match – Nattie, Paige, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte, Naomi, Tamina & Summer Rae

I cant rememeber much of this to tell you the truth, Nattie won via the Sharpshooter though which no doubt means she’ll lose to Charlotte at Payback, unfortunately.


6th Match – The Vaudevillains Vs The Usos

Good Raw debut for the former NXT Tag Champs – Not a memorable match again but Vaudevillains through to the final to face Enzo & Big Cass


7th Match – Apollo Crews Vs Heath Slater

l feel sorry for Apollo Crews, he’s been thrown in at the deep end in the middle of a plethora of post-wrestlemania call-ups and just seems to be completely lost on the big stage. He’s had a couple of 15 second montages shown minutes before his entrance, no history of any of his matches or fueds in NXT, all we know is that he’s a hell of an athlete and he smiles. Even as an NXT fan, all I know is that he’s a hell of an athlete and he smiles.

Anyway, he won.

Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall



Main Event – Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens

Not a bad match for a main event, Kevin Owens is by far the best heel on the roster at the moment. Everything he does is genius, down to his facial expressions, his outbursts at Cole and his wisely picked shouts to the crowd, its good to see the headlock master being utilised and the way things are looking a potential long running fued with Shane McMahon – Oh how we’d all enjoy that.

Back and forth match, Ambrose ends up hitting dirty deeds and pinning Owens for the 3 count. After the match in runs Jericho (looking like he’s just come straight from a Bon Jovi concert), attacks Ambrose and ends Raw apparently mouthing PG style obscenities over him.



You’re a twerp Dean


Another enjoyable Raw, no doubt the inevitable hangover will kick in sooner or later, this’ll probably happen when Cena (BOO) and Orton (BOO) return, until then we best make the most of it. However we do have the return of Brock to look forward to (hopefully) and Seth Rollins imminent return sometime soon.


Until next week



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