With the countdown to Payback well and truly underway we take a look at the matches and any potential returns or debuts, so let’s not wait and let’s get into the action!

Kalisto v Ryback

For me, Kalisto gets the win here, it’s a fuel that really needs to stop because it’s not going anywhere. Another pre show match for the title, remember when John Cena held the belt and it was only the main card of every ppv? Good times…I want Ryback to win so it feels like a change up but the WWE seem keen on giving us Rey Mysterio 2.0

I think it’ll be a match where Ryback dominates but the underdog hits him with a reversal to win the match.


Corbin v Ziggler 

After weeks of attacks they finally get to settle things at Payback. Corbin to win and become a monster heel? Too early to tell but I’m picking him for a win here, Ziggler has missed his chance to be a main event player, maybe he should fued with the winner of the US title to at least give him a title run, I think he deserves it. It still won’t get him to win this one.


Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens

Take away the Bullet Club and Zayn v Owens is the best storyline in WWE, and it all grew from NXT, like most good feuds this is personal, if done right it can lead to Summerslam, I would have loved for this fued to happen when Owens held a belt  but Zayn ruined that by getting injured in the most babyface way ever. That being said, Zayn to win? I think so.


Jericho v Ambrose

Ambrose HAS to win, after the disappointment of Wrestlemania and Fast Lane he needs a win, remember when he was pushing for a title? I like Jericho as a heel but can’t he work with one of the guys who have been pushed up from NXT? Why does Ambrose need to have this fued? It seems like they’ve run out of ideas for him, let him one this one and see where it takes him.


Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady v The Vaudevillains

A tough decision to make because I like both teams, I can see The Vaudevillans winning after a distraction from the Dudley Boys, because why not, I thought it would happen in the last qualifying round, in one of many ways I’m like an elephant,I never forget, just put an end to that fued with the Dudleys and get the Vaudevillans to challenge the new day at Extreme Rules which I think is the next PPV lined up.


Natalya v Charlotte

Name v Name, Charlotte to retain, this is how I predict it. Natalya to put the sharpshooter on Charlotte, Rick to distract the ref, Brett to come over and lay him out with a right hook, by that point Natalya has released the ‘shooter and confronted Rick, then BAM, she turns into a spear.


Cesaro v The Miz

My apologies to the Cesaro section, there needs to be a heel champion and we don’t have one, and I think come Monday the Miz will be the only one, and it leads us nicely to the next challenger interrupting Miz Tv on Raw, because we all know that’s happening, the unbeaten Apollo Crews maybe…


AJ Styles v Roman Reigns

Reigns is walking out champion, possible dq? I think Bullet Club and the Usos will have a say in this match, and maybe, Finn Balor? So many questions about this match make it the most interesting main event for a while, certainly more interesting that the ‘Mania main event. I just hope it isn’t a matter of Reigns winning clean, and WWE, you have the Balor Club merchandise so just do it already.



I’m leaving the decision of who will be running Raw out for good reason, it won’t be as simple as that, it never is. Expect it to drag onto Raw, I sure do.