WWE Battleground

24th July 2016 – Verizon Centre, Washington D.C

I, for one, have been looking forward to this PPV for the past few weeks now. Some intriguing match ups and the final show before the Raw and Smackdown shows attempt to refresh themselves. Rumours of debuts, returns, titles up for grabs and a no longer suspended Roman Reigns, booo, I know.


Charlotte & Dana Brooke Vs Sasha Banks & Bayley

It was a suprise to see this match as the first on the card, but when Bayley came out to be Sasha’s partner it all made sense, what an ovation and what a way to start the show. Being a long time NXT fan I’ve seen Bayley from the beginning of her NXT tenure, and to finally see her get the big call up literally gave me goosebumps. Its yet to be seen whether this is a permanent thing as I heard one of the commentators mention it ‘isnt something we should get used to’, I hope they’re talking nonsense, as usual. Not a bad match overall, Bayley gave a good account of herself and the duo of Charlotte and Dana built on their already strong heel characters.

Bayley & Sasha win by Submission



New Day Vs The Wyatt Family

This one had a long build up with some entertaining segments over the past month, there were a few good spots throughout the match, the clothesline that Kofi took taking a nasty landing on his shoulder, Big E folded himself up like an accordion after almost-botching his trademark through the rope spear and Xavier finally ‘overcame the fear’ and stood up to Bray with not quite the effect that 4 weeks of being shit scared should have had.

Wyatt Family victorious after Bray pins Xavier Woods



Roman Reign tweet gets booed to holy fuck, this is gonna be good..

Rusev Vs Zak Ryder – US Title

Is it just me or is Lana’s Russian accent getting weaker week by week? Not much to mention here apart from Mojo Rawley coming in and going fucking mental at a static and unimpressed Rusev.

Rusev Wins by Accolade




Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

As always I was looking forward to these two facing off again. Usual stuff with a few new spots, Zayn’s mishap off the top rope attempting the backflip reminded me of a 3 year old child using a diving board for the first time, fucking hilarious. Holy shit moment, that brainbuster on the apron.. Wow. The double chicken wing suplex was incredible and then two Helluva kicks to finish it off, crowd LOVED it, as did I.

Sami Zayn wins via Pinfall



Natalya Vs Becky Lynch

This match could’ve and should’ve been so much better.

Natty wins by sharpshooter.



Miz Vs Darren Young IC title

An OK match, nothing memorable apart from the ending with Darren Young losing his shit at the Miz and then doing the old Backlund crazy hand stare, good sign of things to come but what was the official outcome of the match? Who knows.. I like this pair though



John Cena, Enzo & Big Cass Vs The Club

Probably one of the funniest segments from Enzo & Cass to date, Enzo stole the show again with his mic work, I will never get bored of this guy. Fairly drab match, I don’t think I expected much from it deep down, Anderson & Gallows have failed to grip at all, get off my TV.

With Styles and the rest of the Club being split, who knows what’s In store for them next, id like to suggest a reunion with a certain new drafted NXT star but id rather they not drag him down with them.

Cena, Enzo & Big Cass Win



Highlight Reel – Jericho featuring Randy Orton

Quite a good promo from Randy, I was a bit disappointed when he had the same boring old music and hadn’t even attempted to change his look up but forcing out a bit of stubble but it was a decent segment. I enjoyed Orton’s enhancement comment when talking about Brock, and we all knew that RKO was eventually going to come of out somewhere, not nowhere, MICHAEL.



Main event – Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns

We all knew it was going to happen, the tiniest wiff of Reigns and the DC crowd would instantly boo, it was obviously no different when he made his first TV appearance since he hit that bong. A few good spots, this was a better match than I expected and Ambrose deservedly wins.


A very good show overall, I’m hoping at some point they will get titles for each show because the way its panning out there’s going to be a lot of cross brand matches if things stay as they are which would make the draft a tad pointless. Onto Raw tonight, bring on the new music, logo, sets, the fucking lot! What an exciting time to be a wrestling fan.


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