With recent news that there could potentially be a women’s Money In The Bank, it got me thinking that the WWE in fact needs more options for the talented women’s division.

A MITB match is a fantastic way to cement the importance for female wrestlers to make their way up to a point where they can become a Number 1 contender. The women’s division is thriving at the moment, more so in NXT than the main roster, but a MITB match could give an opportunity to those women biding their time in the training ranks.

In this day and age it is a case of ‘whatever the boys can do, the girls can do better’. For example, take the outstanding Iron Man match between Sasha Banks and Bayley. They went the distance and put on a performance that was genuinely heart-pounding, and it is certainly one I will remember as a long-standing fan of women’s wrestling. Banks and Bayley were the first women to ever headline a WWE special event, and considering the long, rich history of wrestling, this was some feat. You really were watching history, and it was awe-inspiring.


Many will argue that a MITB match for women is not needed at the moment, with very few actual female wrestlers on the roster to compete. I disagree. Banks may be injured, but she is not the only true contender for a MITB match and won’t be out forever. It could be a perfect opportunity for Bayley to make her debut on the main roster, and the re-ignition of the Banks and Bayley rivalry upon Banks’ return. Paige could become relevant again, for some reason she has gone under the radar, despite several pushes and title reigns over the past few years. You also have the likes of Becky Lynch, Natalya, Emma and Dana Brookes. Those women in the background should also be given a shot here to show their wrestling skills. Take Tamina for example, someone who I think has been seriously underplayed considering her family history. NXT has also got some other great women waiting in the wings, Asuka, who is a delight to watch, and Nia Jax, who can become the next powerhouse in the division.

The majority of female matches are usually formed by the way of tag team matches, so why not create a new Women’s World Tag Team Championship. The actual history behind the title is quite incomplete, but that can be saved for another article. The most recent belts were between 1984 – 1988, however, the titles only saw a 4 year reign in the WWF at the time. The reason for the actual disposal of this title could be due to the loss of interest in female wrestling. The title was officially vacated and abandoned in the early part of 1989. Turning to the present, a fine example for a Tag Team female contender would be Carmella, part of male Tag Team partnership, Enzo and Big Cass. She is not on the main roster like her male tag team counterparts, but would certainly have the understanding of what it takes to drive a successful tag team partnership.

The TNA Knockouts, the TNA Women’s Division, had their own Tag Team Championship belts. It only ran between 2009 – 2013, again, showing the same reasoning for abandonment as the WWF Women’s Tag Team titles in the 80’s; they just didn’t garner attention from the fans. However, WWE is in a much different position than TNA (I mean they’re taking all their wrestlers, but that’s another article), WWE women’s division has finally caught the fans attention, for the right reasons, and it’s perfect timing.

Charlotte is doing an amazing job, but there needs to be more in the division.

Alongside a Money In The Bank PPV for women wrestlers, and the Tag Team Title will create a new goal for those women who aren’t clambering around for the coveted Women’s Title. The wait for a shot at the title can be a long one, and can be an unbearable one while other favourites get pushed.

If I were a rookie female wrestler, learning the ropes in NXT at the moment I would in no way be excited to get up to the main roster. There is not enough challenge for women, other than to battle it out for the Women’s Belt. WWE need to capitalise on the reinvigorated women’s movement following the belt change at WrestleMania 32, which I for one was ecstatic about. However, the WWE need to stop pushing one or two women at a time; variety is the spice of life. The WWE needs to pull itself out of the stone-age.