All year I have been dead excited to listen to Bethesda’s conference at E3. As it was their second conference in a row, I was expecting big things. Bethesda certainly delivered, but to what extent and is it all sugar coated?

I was a die hard fan of Skyrim when it was released in 2011, so much so that I got it on a midnight release at my local store. I was hooked for years. Despite the grave issues with bugs and the game freezing when the save got too big, nevertheless, it still held a place in my heart.

After the initial excitement died down and once the announcement had sunk in, I began to think why a remaster for current gen? Skyrim was only released in 2011 so it’s hardly an old game. If anything, a part of me was hoping for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion announcement, considering it was out a decade ago. That would have made more sense in terms of warranting a remaster and would have fitted in nicely with an anniversary of that significance.

That being said, a 2006 game remake would require a substantial amount of work. In fact, Bethesda would need a whole new development team to bring Oblivion into current-gen stature. There is no denying Bethesda could afford this, but with Skyrim’s popularity, I suppose that made more sense from a practicality perspective. Is it fair to say then, that Bethesda have been lazy at this year’s E3? Maybe, if we get to what the main crux of the Skyrim re-master is, it’s purely a facelift of the graphics. But, let’s think of the bigger picture, Bethesda will certainly be working on a TES:VI and would anyone want funds taken away from that? I certainly wouldn’t. Bethesda certainly have the coin, but game development of that size will certainly stretch their pocket.

I’m a simple run and gun gamer, so I don’t tend to look into re-textures and graphics into as much detail as I should perhaps. I get quite easily confused by the concept of a remaster and a remake – both the same aren’t they? Hardly. A fellow writer described it to me in a way that made perfect sense;

“Think of it like Grand Design shows. When they do an old house they keep the foundations and a few other things but take down and fix everything else. That’s what a remaster of Morrowind would be like. While a remaster of Skyrim is like the newer houses on those shows. They just need to add new parts and fix some small old parts and make it look nice”

Hit that infamous chicken in HD!

What has also added to my mixed feelings, is the fact that there were leaks a week before their conference. This severely drained my excitement for their second conference. In the society we live in today, these leaks are inevitable, some may say “Well, you don’t have to read them?” Crap. It’s difficult to avoid the leak when the article title is there in plain sight.

For those fans like me reading this and who are praying for a Morrowind or Oblivion remake, then check out a fan remake called Skywind. This is a Morrowind remake in the 2011 Skyrim engine, essentially, and it’s been in development for two years. Exciting.

Overall, I’m a firm believer that Bethesda are a quality developer, maybe a little lacklustre of late, but their games are always worth the price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned Bethesda may have over-egged the pudding here, but this Scrolls fan will certainly be grabbing the re-touched Skyrim. No doubt about it.