It’s been one hell of a build up to Survivor Series and the ‘Fantasy Warfare’ finally became a reality on Sunday night. If you haven’t watched the PPV yet, stop reading, as this article will contain some spoilers, although I think social media does it just as well.

There has been a lot of furore surrounding Bill Goldberg’s return, most welcomed and some not so much. Lots of fans pointing out his in ring flaws and hiccups and many just chanting his name. Let’s be frank here, Goldberg was never a great technical wrestler, he had two moves but his whole demeanor went down a treat back in the day. He was unstoppable and the fans loved it, I loved it.

The Beast Incarnate has also held the same characteristic as Goldberg, even from his early days in the WWE. There is only one slight difference with Brock, is that he can actually do more than two moves. Brock has been in some legendary line-ups and was only ever defeated by John Cena in a Pay-Per-View on two occasions. That has now changed.

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Way before Goldberg’s return, Brock had been on quite the streak since destroying The Streak at Wrestlemania 30 much to our absolute shock and devastation. Brock has also seen some controversies this year after facing Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Brock failed two drugs tests and also assaulted Randy Orton at this year’s Summerslam. However, Paul Heyman took to Facebook to confirm that TKO, against Orton, was already planned. In summary, Brock has been quite the untouchable one this year, failed to receive any sort of ban/suspension from UFC and the WWE sidewinded any punishment by the loophole that he is a part-timer and fined him a measly $500 for recklessness. The WWE fine being pocket change for Brock, considering his record payout from UFC 200 of $2.5 million.

Bill Goldberg however, has been away from the squared circle for 12 years. No fan truly knows why he left, he had a one-year contract between 2003 – 2004 but there were rumours flying around that he and Triple H had real life beef with one another, and with Triple H being the prominent figure he is, effectively managed Goldberg out. That’s all speculation of course, but everything appears to be kosher between them, with Goldberg’s ‘return’ announced for the WWE 2K17 game and then confirmation of his in-ring return around October time this year.

Let’s discuss what happened less than 24 hours ago, Goldberg defeated The Beast Incarnate in two minutes…two measly minutes. Lesnar was taken down with two spears and a Jack Hammer, surely Lesnar has endured more brutal beatings and has won. The positive from this match is that I believe Brock Lesnar needed that thorn in his side to strengthen his ‘Conqueror’ image. Every great empire throughout history was eventually taken down by another empire, every dominant figure eventually crumbles and the bigger they are the harder they fall. Brock Lesnar’s character suits Brock Lesnar, in some respect, it can be rather one dimensional and his run as The Beast Incarnate, and endless Suplexes in the ring has become stale. I’ve also noticed he’s not getting quite rambunctious reception as he has received in the past. The boat of The Beast needed to be rocked and it was done so in a very big fashion.

The Beast post-second spear

Having said that, the upset for Brock was done in quite an anti-climatic fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed the build up, despite all the negative comments regarding Golberg’s condition, and I was actually excited for their match. Many have questioned Goldberg’s condition, his slip with Rusev and alleged injury from RAW last week, shows some ring rust to be honest to those complainers criticizing his current state I’d like to see them 1 v 1 against the legend. The man is nearly 50 and is probably in better condition than most men his age, or in fact, some younger men.

My gripe with the shortness of the match was it may have been down to the injury that Goldberg apparently picked up on RAW last week. The injury did overshadow such a stunning victory in my eyes, it felt rushed to prevent any further damage to Goldberg.

Goldberg’s success, 2 – 0, over Brock now raises questions as to what on earth will Brock go on to do next? WWE’s booking has been questionable of late and this main event hasn’t helped that concern in the slightest.

Overall, you can’t deny that this match did not provide a shocking moment and an upset that we’ve not seen for a while. WWE matches of late have been quite predictable, and I certainly had Brock pipped for the win. So the upset, in my humble view, was needed I certainly can’t predict what’s going to happen next but I won’t deny that I am excited. What were your thoughts on the upset? Let me know in the comments section below.