That’s right, I said it, and I’ll justify it too.

Some of you may disagree with the overall statement but I’m going to outline points that you just can’t disagree with. Also if any of you want to join our party on Playstation/Xbox/Steam keep an eye on our twitter @nerdhubonline for an open invite.

You Save Money


Imagine paying £5 to get into a club and then being charged £4 a pint, no thanks. I’ll pop to Tesco and get a 24 pack for £10, or if I’m feeling fancy, a bottle of whiskey. There is something about drunk gaming that has it’s own charm. If you are anything like me, your parties often ascent into some of the best damn karaoke singing that the world has ever seen.


It’s less embarrassing when you fall over drunk


Don’t get me wrong it is always embarrassing falling on a night, especially in this day age with social media being as rampant as it is. However, when online partying it can have a similar but lessened effect. You are pleased with completing that frustrating mission or finishing that game, you take a sip from your drink, lean back admire your work, and fear sets in. You lean too far back, and like the mightiest oak tree you fall hard to the ground. But if no-one is around to hear it, did you really fall?


You don’t have to spend time getting ready

Not that I take long getting ready anyway, shower, shirt, shave and I’m your man. This one is for the ladies, with online partying there is no need to do your hair and make-up. Gals, throw on those comfy shirts and get down to some serious gaming, because let’s be honest, who cares what we look like if we don’t have to go outside?


Outside food is more than welcome

It might be because I’m fat, but nights out don’t have enough food involved for my liking. I love food. A gaming session isn’t complete without a takeaway or some form of fatty snacks. How I haven’t had a heart attack is a mystery to me and I blame gaming for my early, impending death. I’m going to enjoy it until that day comes, I’m not changing for anything. Live fast, die young.


You don’t have to leave the comfort of your room

There is nothing worse than packing into a busy train like a salted sardine, then into a busy club, and then the long wait for a taxi home. No, thank you! Why not sit in your gaming chair and eat all the pizza you want – no judgements here at NerdHub, reader.


No embarrassing photos

Alcohol, not even once

We’ve all been a victim of this outside faux-pas. You are in the middle of throwing some shapes on the dance floor, and generally looking like the life of the party, when someone takes out a camera and catches you at the worst possible moment. Never fear, unless you are Twitching nobody can see you. For all we know you can be gaming in your birthday suit….not that I do that…


Create your own VIP area

With the ability to create private parties and the ability to kick anyone from them you really are in control. I, for one, love the power, especially if you have some random 12 year old join and whine because you beat him. 12 year old children don’t take kicks very well, and so they proceed with some ‘hilarious’ your moma jokes. Not in MY party you waste of oxygen.


There we have it. A summary of why I think online parties and better than actual partying. Your welcome, readers. Are there any other aspects of online partying you prefer to actual partying? Let us know in the comments section below.