Okay, so is going to come across as whiney and like I’m a hispter d-bag, which I am, so jokes on you. And also Michael Bay is ruining Hollywood. 

I don’t want to say that all remakes are terrible, and don’t get me wrong some are truly awful, like psycho.

It just seems like film makers have such an easy out, instead of creating new concepts and scripts they rehash old ideas and while some movies do warrant a remake and can be done well I don’t think we can argue that original screenplays aren’t more interesting, like most things in life newer is better, except for music because like I said, I’m a hispter d-bag and I like old songs.

Look at the oscars this year, Spotlight won both best picture and best original screenplay, yes it was a shock when it won best picture, but I asked the cast how they felt about your opinion

They gave a combined 0 fucks.

I have to give credit where credit is due and there are remakes that needed to be made, and they outshine the original, I feel the best example of this is the 1941 version of the Maltese Falcon, it really did need the star power of Humphrey Bogart that handsome handsome man. And it worked, it’s now an iconic piece of cinema history.

I know why you clicked on this article, you were enticed by the magnetism of Nicolas Cage, well here it comes, since I mentioned the best remake I have to mention the worst, like finding out the attractive girl you’ve been talking is actually a man there is always a down side, and for movie remakes that is The Wicker Man, I’m sure many people would find an evening with the gentleman mentioned above more enjoyable than sitting through this again. Bees hated it, I hated it, and you should too.

Oh I can’t stay mad at you Cage!

Ok I was wrong, get off my screen and stay off it.

Now onto Michael Bay, explosions aren’t plots! How about a good storyline next time? That’s my last attack on Michael Bay.

And a brief note on sequels to end, another easy option for film makers, we don’t want to see 15 more fast and furious movies, saw should have stopped after after 3 movies, please stop filling our cinemas and give movies from sundance more of a chance to impress, at least they try and do something new.

As always, feel free to leave a comment, I promise I will read them all before to deciding to ignore them.