With news breaking that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be an original story we here at Nerdhub think it’s the perfect time to look back at the men who have played the caped crusader, well, 5 of them at least. Here are our top 5 actors who have played Batman. Sadly for this list we are discounting any voice actors, because maybe, just maybe, that’s a list for another day

5. George Clooney


An odd choice to play Batman from the get go but why oh why did they give him that suit? nothing stood out about his performance, they could have got anybody and they would have done the same job, I suppose they wanted a big name and he is that. If anyone is wondering where Val Kilmer will place in this list I can tell you he won’t, only one Joel Schumacher Batman gets in, if you don’t know who that is consider yourself lucky and don’t research him, it will only bring pain.

4. Ben Affleck


Sorry Ben, but he has a chance to climb higher up the list with the upcoming Justice League movie and his stand alone Batman movie….or he might cement his place at number 5, it could go either way, I don’t want it to seem like he’s low on my list because he’s new and nobody likes change because that’s just not true…some of it is true.


3. Adam West


Wonderfully camp, TV’s Adam West, I can’t help it I love it, there is something about the comical fight scenes and the comic style sound effects, and if you haven’t seen the scene with Batman and the shark then you haven’t lived a full life and you need to find it, find it right now.

2. Michael Keaton


I really did like Michael Keaton as Batman, but he has to settle for second place. If someone told me Tim Burton was going to direct a Batman movie I would assume it would fail and be awful, but sometimes I’m wrong….sometimes. I would have liked to see a trilogy with Keaton but we only got two, nothing that can be done about that now, on the plus side they are so much better than the two movies that came after it.

1.Christian Bale


For me, and most people around my age, Christian Bale is Batman, he has been in the best movies, had the best villains to work with. Forget everything that came before because thanks to Christopher Nolan the film franchise started again with Batman Begins and never looked back. I have to say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the voice he uses for Batman but it grew on me and now I find it hard to imagine Batman in a different voice, so thank you Christian Bale for ingraining that voice into my mind.