Yes, believe it or not, it is that time of year again. PlayStation Experience is just around the corner and this year promises to be bigger than ever. So, here are some of the things we are hoping might be announced or talked about in more detail, as well as some extra surprises we want to pop up.

Crash Bandicoot



It was announced back at E3 this year that we would be getting a remastered version of Crash Bandicoot. Probably one of the first games many of us played, it is a PlayStation classic and fans have been crying out for this for a long time. Hopefully we might get a release date for this collection. I would be happy with a little footage so we can see Crash in all his HD glory and perhaps just an update on the status of the game. This is something I don’t want to be rushed, so if there is no release as yet, that will be fine with me. I can’t wait to relive my childhood with this one. Spyro the Dragon next please.

Potential Announcements and Updates


There are a tonne of games that we are hoping will be announced or that will be given release dates over the weekend. The Last of Us 2 is one of them. I loved the first game and thought it was a masterpiece of storytelling and gameplay, and if I’m being honest, I’m a little dubious of what a second might offer. I wouldn’t be alone in saying that I don’t want it to be another Ellie an Joel story, I would be happy for them to make and appearance, but it shouldn’t revolve around them. Although there were some unanswered questions, and we were left both a little heartbroken and warmed at Joel’s decision to save Ellie, and therefore doom everyone else, I think their story came to and end. I would like to see it set a little later on as well, just so we can see how the world is coping with a post-virus outbreak many, many years down the line. I’m also hoping for more details about Detroit: Become Human as it looked incredible at E3. We knew it was coming, but I want more! Also, there has been some more Uncharted 4 single player content rumoured, so any confirmations on that would be welcome, and finally a little more about God of War 4 as well.

More Horizon Zero Dawn


I have been waiting for this game, and I really hope it doesn’t get pushed back again. There may not be a great deal to show off about this one as it was covered pretty well earlier in the year, but it would be great to see a touch more gameplay from the playable demo that will be available. I don’t want too much to be given away in regards to the story, but I’m always up for seeing Aloy take down some machines.

PSVR and PS4 Pro


I have no doubt that this year the PSVR and the PS4 Pro will be big talking points, with them both now on sale. From the beginning I have been sceptical about virtually reality headsets. I like the idea, but don’t see their longevity, despite this I hope they don’t fade out as a gimmick as they could change the way we game. This years PSX is a great chance for us to see the games that will be coming available for the PSVR in the next couple of years, and I would love to see a lot of gameplay from the headsets and reactions from those who use them. As for the PS4 Pro, again, this is a great opportunity for Sony to showcase what the console can really do. I for one aren’t that fussed about upgrading my current PS4, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the new console in action.

Hideo Kojima Panel


We got the first cryptic trailer from his new studio, Kojima Productions, at E3 and it sent the world into meltdown. If I’m being honest with you, I still have no idea what was going on in that teaser. With him doing a panel at the show, we are hoping he is going to give us more about Death Stranding and perhaps Norman Reedus will make an appearance to help us wade through the mystery. It will just be great to hear from Kojima full stop and see what crazy games he might have in the pipeline for us.

The Last Guardian


It has been a long time coming. Every year for as long as I can remember this game has been rumoured, then confirmed, and now it is within touching distance. Finally, being released on the 9th of this month, just in time for Christmas, we will be able to see The Last Guardian in our homes. It probably won’t be a big talking point at PSX, what with the release date so close, but it would feel odd not have this included in the article. It is also part of the list of games that will be available to play, so I’m hoping we might get a cheeky look at that and see some fan reactions.

Plenty of Playable Games

Along with all the announcements there is a long list of playable games that will be available over the weekend. Here are some which I find particularly exciting:

Batman: Arkham VR, For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn, Let It Die, Nioh, Persona 5, RIGS Mechanized Combat League (PS VR), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Yooka-Laylee

For the full list check out the PlayStation blog.