Now this is something that’s been bothering me for years, I would very much like to know where WWE’s visual creative have gone. The days are well past us where I would get as excited about seeing how the stage and set looked as I would the actual event itself,  the lengths the WWE used to go to make their product look different and exciting were, in my eyes,  one of the integral parts of a good show and it gives a special significant feeling especially to a PPV.


Bloody lovely that looks

I was massively excited back in 2008 when WWE announced they were going to be broadcasting in HD,  with this much needed upgrade we were treated to new sets which highlighted the HD element of the show and made things look clearer,  crisper and a visually pleasing.

New Raw set 2008

New Raw set 2008

Now 8 years on and we’re pretty much looking at the same thing we were back then,  they don’t even bother mixing things up for PPVs apart from removing the ramp and adding a few slices of HD screening on the floor. I remember when I used to be able to tell the difference between a Raw,  Smackdown and a PPV, they all look identical. If these replays didn’t tell us that the clip was from Raw 2 weeks ago or Extreme Rules it could be anyone’s guess where the fuck the clip was from because there’s no distinction between shows.

Smackdown 2016 - Or is it?

Smackdown 2016 – Or is it?

I can’t even imagine the excitement I’d feel if I saw an updated Backlash set,  swinging arms and all – and with Shane O Mac back in town..


Or even the King of the Ring set with the giant throne,  incredible. (cue Shane O Mac again)


Not only would it just mix things up and give us something different to look at on a weekly basis,  it’d give the superstars a chance to potentially mix up their entrances a little bit too,  they give more options than just the ring or the commentating table for wrestlers to utilise and not only that,  it’d look like WWE actually give a shit again. Plus I wanna see more of this..



I’m not happy with Wrestlemania being the only set they change up,  even something as simple as mirroring the stage for Smackdown would freshen things up,  have the entrance walkway the opposite side or even in the middle.

For me,  WWE have dropped the ball on this one,  fair enough stick with the design for a few years but it hasn’t been refreshed for ages and it is getting stale.  The roster split is quickly approaching,  and hopefully we will see a lot more of independence from each show highlighting it’s own look and feel,  which means some logo updates and fresh sets may be coming sooner rather than later.


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