There is currently no news regarding who the villain might be, so this might be the perfect time to throw my ideas out there. After a lot of hate towards Suicide Squad DC need to make sure the next movie is one everyone can enjoy, but before they start filming they need to start working on the screenplay, and who to play the villain, don’t worry guys I’m here to help. Below would be my shortlist of villains to consider bringing to the big screen, feel free to tweet us your thought @nerdhubonline or comment below.


The Joker

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He has already come out and stated that he has filmed enough footage to have his very own Joker movie so will he be returning to play the villain? the biggest argument I can think of to not have the Joker is because of the shoes it would need to fill, and Heath Ledger absolutely made the role his own, the arguments for are simple, Batman and the Joker are like strawberries and cream (because I’m British) they just go together, and it’s been 7 years since The Dark Knight.


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He was the breakout star of Suicide Squad and I have to admit that I had my doubts but I’m glad to be proved wrong. It was teased in Suicide Squad that he would kill Batman so why not let the two go at it, The World’s Greatest Detective v The Man That Never Misses, they can even use that tagline for a reasonable fee.


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The inspiration for Deadpool, and we all know how well that movie was received so why not capitalize on the popularity of that and made Deathstroke the villain of the next movie, thanks to his regenerative healing powers he is practically immortal, meaning that if he is as well received as he should be they can make a number of movies and spin offs based on him, and we all know film studios love a spin off.

Mr. Freeze

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Everybody chill! it’s about time they reinvented Mr. Freeze on the big screen, and maybe this time don’t make him a comic relief character – he deserves more than that. If done as well as could be Mr. Freeze could take his place along side the likes of Bane and the Joker.


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Another character that deserves another crack at the big screen, I’m a big fan of the Danny Devito version, he brought a dark side to the character but I would like to see a version that is true to the comics on screen, let’s make him a cockney gangster!


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A new character introduction in terms of the movies, I just think he looks cool, and depending on which version you want to portray you can have him going after Batman with a flame sword.

Well there we have it! I’m a sucker for strangers saying nice things about me so why not do it in the comments below? Or tweet at us @nerdhubonline