There is no doubt that 2016 has already proven to be a great year for gaming, with plenty of stand out titles released for all consoles. Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, DOOM and Overwatch have all released to great critical and commercial success and with even more great games to come in the coming months and many hidden gems released earlier in the year, 2016 is certainly impressive. Despite this, there have certainly been several games that have led to disappointment. Whether this is due to not delivering on promises or just not being what fans wanted, these games are the biggest disappointments of 2016 so far.

Far Cry Primal

One of the best resurgences seen in a franchise last generation, Far Cry 3 and even Far Cry 4 were both fantastic games that featured a large open world and plenty to do in it. Far Cry Primal introduced many new elements into the Far Cry formula and even focused on one of its strongest aspects; hunting. Despite this, something was lost in transition and the game ended up feeling like a reskin of Far Cry 4 with the removal of modern technology. It didn’t help its case that the map was just a recycled and edited version of Far Cry 4’s map. Primal was by no means a bad game but certainly not what fans of the series were hoping was next for the series and it mostly passed by without much attention being given to it.


Star Fox Zero

A brand new Star Fox game produced by Miyamoto and Platinum Games? What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out; most things. Despite having a star line up developing it, Star Fox Zero went through several delays and production problems and eventually released early this year to an overwhelmingly mediocre response. Critics expressed disappointment over the game being too similar to the original Star Fox and the awkward controls making the game difficult to play. Fans also expressed the same sentiments and even led Miyamoto to trying to convince the fan base to give it another chance. This is perhaps one of the bigger disappointments on the list as the game wasn’t worth the wait that long time Star Fox fans had suffered through.


Street Fighter V

This is one of the most agonising disappointments for me personally because by all means, Street Fighter V is a fantastic fighter. The gameplay is perfect for a fighter and the new additions to the game work so well. Within this one title, Rashid has already become my favourite fighter in the series due to his personality and fighting style. The disappointment comes from the absolutely awful state that Capcom decided to release Street Fighter V in. The game was lacking so much content that is basic for fighting games that it actually seemed like a downgrade from Street Fighter IV. The game especially disappointed with the connection problems prevalent throughout play. Street Fighter V should have been the best title in the series but Capcom decided to rush it and make it so much more forgettable.


Quantum Break

Advertised as being one of the standout Xbox exclusives, it was such a shame to see Quantum Break underperform and generally be less well received than it should have been. In terms of this list, Quantum Break is probably the best game on here and almost definitely has its own large fan base. The gameplay is fast and fluid and the graphics are suitably impressive, making it even more of a disappointment that it ended up here. The bottom line is this; Quantum Break is average and should have been so much more, especially with the live action tie in being hyped up so much. As it turns out, this just created a large disconnect as so much time was spent watching the “television experience”. Quantum Break just didn’t live up to the promised expectations.


The Division

Another game that has suffered from Ubisoft’s infamous history of downgrading, The Division was hyped to no end when it was originally announced. Subsequent appearances at E3 also made it appear as if the game was still going to be a stellar experience despite some clear graphical downgrades. Unfortunately for us, The Division is nowhere near the product that was promised to us. The game is now a haven for exploits and hackers as Ubisoft clearly rushed it and left it open for people to completely manipulate. Gameplay consists of simply whaling on bullet sponge enemies and spending most time in cover. The game simply isn’t fun and besides the Dark Zone (actually the highlight of the game), introduces nothing new to the world of gaming.


Homefront: The Revolution

Is Homefront: The Revolution disappointing or just simply bad? The game itself is certainly not a very good or particularly memorable one but what was promised to us was actually quite interesting and ambitious. The game appeared to take inspiration from games like Far Cry but unfortunately ended up completely failing it. Homefront certainly has a lot of potential, especially with the first title, but the disappointing part comes from the fact that this game almost certainly killed the franchise. Homefront could have had so much more to it and now we will never see it come to fruition.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan

Another game developed by Platinum Games appears on the list; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan. Nobody was more disappointed by this game than me, as a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles and a lover of Platinum Games. The objectives were boring, the story didn’t have much going on and the gameplay was standard Platinum beat em up fare. Nothing new really appeared in this game beside the reliance of teamwork that is synonymous with the turtles. The only aspect of the game that was nailed was the presentation, appearing like a page of the IDW comics and even having the different aspects of the Turtle’s personality. That was done well but everything else in the game seems like it was done with no effort or thought as to the most important aspect; fun.

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Mighty No.9

The world was clamouring for a new Mega Man title for so long that Keiji Inafune decided to take to Kickstarter and create his own ‘spiritual successor’. Instead of a worthy successor we got a lazy clone that barely attempted to have its own ideas. Not only this but Mighty No.9  is in such an unfinished state that it doesn’t even justify the several delays that the game went through. Fans of Mega Man deserved so much more than this and frankly, anyone who played it deserved better. 


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The long awaited sequel to Mirror’s Edge was mostly met with critical disinterest and ended up being largely ignored for other games like Overwatch and Uncharted 4. Despite being hyped up for years, it seemed like noone was really caring about Catalyst. The new open world design of the game was fun but also meant that getting around took up more time than the actual missions themselves. The game didn’t need to be open world but it was shoe-horned in because of this generation’s obsession with open worlds. If Catalyst had just been more of the same everyone would have been happy but it changed too much and ended up putting even the most die-hard fans back to playing Overwatch instead.


No Man’s Sky

“As vast as an ocean, as deep as a puddle” is probably the perfect way to describe No Man’s Sky. One of this generation’s most anticipated games ended up being a boring, slow and even completely different to what was promised. Perhaps the vast amount of hype surrounding the game clouded the judgement of Sean Murray, who promised several different features that are now not present in the game. Games often change throughout development but several of these features were shown (or said) to be present months before the game released. The disappointment of No Man’s Sky is partly due to gameplay but mostly because of the way we were outright lied to and the product that we eventually got.