So this is a new feature for us here at Nerdhub, we take a look back at our childhood/teen years and examine a movie or tv show of our choosing, or if you want us to write or review something tweet us @nerdhubonline and the best ideas will be done the next day.

As you may have guessed we start with That 70’s Show, a coming of age comedy set in the 1970’s, mostly set in the basement of the Foremans we meet different characters and see our very own problems play out infront of us.

Eric Foreman (Topher grace)


As you may have guessed by his appearance he is a bit of a dork, and that’s wrong of you, don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes clueless but also quick with a one liner to put down his sister that plays the spoils daddy’s girl extremely well….maybe too well? Take a word of warning and don’t google what she looked like later in life, since the end of the show Topher Grace starred in Spider-Man 3 and helped kill that franchise.

Donna Pinciotti (Laura Prepon)


The strong willed feminist next door, who was also responsible for a generations admiration of red heads, I think I speak for all men of a certain age who found Donna just wonderful, since That 70’s Show Laura Prepon has gone on to star in Orange is the new Black, oh the feelings come pouring back.

Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson)


Enter the cynical Hyde, the biggest stoner in the group and someone who should probably seek help before his habits get the better of him, also the cool one, because drugs are cool right? Sadly I don’t remember seeing Danny Masterson in anything of note, but one big role is better than anything I’ve done.

Fez (Wilmer Valderrama)


The comic relief foreigner, still, his interactions with the rest of the group are hilarious,and those dance moves, that’s all that needs to be said on that. Recently Wilmer started in the From Dusk Till Dawn series, I tried to watch it but decided not to put myself through that so stopped after a couple of episodes.

Michael Kelso (Ashton Kutcher)


The stupid one, I thought I could come up with a nice way of saying it but there it is, he’s played very well, and he is thankful for one of the most popular gifs around the internet today.


Now Ashton is arguably the most successful person from Tha 70’s show going on to star in a number of movies including The Butterfly Effect and Jobs.

Jackie Burkhart (Mila Kunis)


The dittzy…she’s not blonde…damnit. Portrayed as the popular one of the group and ends up having relationships with Kelso and Hyde, with hilarious results. Mila Kunis as surpassed what I expected her to achieve, post 2010 she has exploded into Hollywood and one of the hottest actresses around today.



A mention to the parents


Must have been cold in that blue dress.

Red is exactly what I want to be when I get to that age, he hates everything and has found his polar opposite in Kitty, the interactions between all four are fleeting but worth it, you won’t find better in any sitcom.