Now that the Pokemon Go servers are down we at Nerdhub can finally shuffle back inside and hope the prolonged exposure to the sun hasn’t given as a resemblance of a tan, that would be awful. Anyway! this week’s film recommendation is The Fundamentals Of Caring, Netflix tightens it’s grip on being the premier streaming media provider with this release, it was premiered at Sundance, so you get the kind of caliber of movie it is. Also SPOILERS AHEAD, so you’ve been warned.



The movie mainly follows two characters, Ben (Paul Rudd) and Trevor (Craig Roberts) (Who is Welsh, Woop Woop) Ben is a down on his luck writer and takes a job as a carer to keep a roof over his head, now the story  may not sound like much but if you give it a chance you will not regret it, the character development in this movie is perhaps one of the best examples of how it should be done, a word of warning for any potential viewer… does also star Selena Gomes.



Luckily her part is small, and in fairness to her she plays it quite well. The director Rob Burnett has cut his teeth in the comedy realm and it should be no surprise to anyone that there is a constant element of comedy thoughout the movie. The main draw of The Fundamentals Of Caring is the relationship between Ben and Trevor, Rudd and Roberts have a wonderful chemistry that is evident from the first awkward encounter they both have.


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The plot really picks up pace when Ben is allowed to take Trevor across country to see the world’s deepest pit, because of his disability Trevor spends his days watching a show on roadside attractions along America, he also plots them on a map as a kind of “Bucket Map” (Feel free to use that saying, my gift to you)

So off they go! the first time Trevor is going to be away for an extended period of time, like all good “Buddy” movies the car rides always have top notch bantz as the kids say.



How can you not love Paul Rudd? I’m glad he’s not just sitting back and waiting for his next Marvel project, it seems like a lot of starts tend to do that, it’s nice to see someone with a passion for his work and is still happy to take on smaller, more dramatic roles that will be seen as Indie.

I know what everyone is wondering, a movie with a disabled child, how does it end? well there is no cure, so that’s out the window, but as far as it can go it is a happy ending, earlier in the movie Ben asks Trevor what would be the one thing he would do if his body would allow, and ladies you can relate to this, pee standing up and with the help of some paramedics and some trying to a board it becomes a reality.



Also that happens, count that as a positive if you may. So go and watch it! it’s on Netflix, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is an enjoyable 97 minutes. Be sure to check back daily for other articles, some fun, some informative, some fun AND informative.