Continuing our rich tradition of reccomending top quality movies you may have missed. This week I make the choice on behalf of Nerdhub, and that choice is Her, a movie about a lonely writer who finds a love in his new operating system….something we can all relate to, Windows 10 is pretty good after all….

IMDB score – 8.0

I could tell you all the positives about this movie, but first I want to give you the two biggest selling points.

Thats right, moustaches are back baby!

This is such an original idea, it even won the best original screenplay Oscar, and if you read my previous article about movie remakes you know how much I value that award, and add Scarlett Johansson and you’ve got yourself some fine viewing right there, infact.

The acting in this movie is some of the finest I’ve seen, Joaquin Phoenix plays the lonely writer perfectly, as an actor I’ve always rated highly it was pleasing to the potential reached, having to lead the movie as the focal point along side the voice of Johansson he showed you don’t need a body to form a onscreen relationship, only wonderful writing and actors to make it believable.

Look at that mustache



A mention to the supporting cast as they do an excellent job, Olivia Wilde makes an appearance as a a blind date,ma small role but the back and forth had me gripped throughout the time they spent on screen, Chris Pratt as his boss, one of my favourite scenes is Pratt attempting to compliment Phoenix on his letter writing, it’s so awkward it’s funny, and Amy Adams, the other woman in his life, his friend from college, you can do no wrong, just keep doing what it is you do.

If you like Sci-if, if you like romance, if you like drama you have to watch this, I cannot speak highly enough about this.