And so, the dust settles on yet another season of Walking Dead Zombie goodness/nastiness (delete as applicable) and in true Walking Dead style, the creators have chosen to end on a cliffhanger, leaving us hanging on until October like the mindless chumps we are.
Do I blame them? No, not all.
Do I wish they had the heart to have given us some well-earned closure at the end of such a dark and ominous season? Abso-goddamn-lutely!

But hey, it is what it is; a ratings based decision that will most likely see viewing figures for season seven’s premier of the show skyrocket, with everyone tuning in to see whose cranium got split by an intimate moment with Lucille, Negan’s trusty wired baseball bat.

After a season long build up to the introduction of a real nemesis character, who famously offs a much loved protagonist in gut-wrenchingly grotesque fashion in the hundredth issue of Robert Kirkman’s long running comic book series, we were left in the dark. We had prepared ourselves for the loss of a character, just as we had prepared ourselves for Negan’s true unveiling; it was an incredibly conflicting emotional process. We wanted the show to bring Negan in out of pure anticipation of a truly insane, yet charismatic bad guy that the show has sorely been lacking thus far (don’t get me wrong, I was a fan of the Governor, but Negan is next level badass) but we had also prepared ourselves for, and wanted closure on whoever was going to be made an example of. The season finale totally delivered on the Negan unveiling (albeit without all the F-bombs present in the comics) but decided that we aren’t ready to know who won’t be returning for season seven.

Now, the showrunners have said that all will be revealed (in apparently spectacularly gruesome fashion) come October when the first episode of season seven airs, and so I want to come out swinging with my predictions for who we may be saying farewell to. I appreciate that some may argue that it’s easy enough to make predictions about a show based on a comic book as the events are technically already available for all to search online. However, AMC’s take on the Walking Dead is no stranger to taking artistic license where it chooses. For this reason, most opinions I share will be going solely off my knowledge of the show.



Right off the bat (get it?) I want to express that while it was everyone’s favourite Korean, Glenn, who met his maker in the comic book, I don’t think he’s the one whose POV we shared in the finale. The creators know that a majority of fans out there are aware of Glenn’s demise in the comics, why would they even bother trying to hide it from us? They’re playing with our expectations. The show needs grounded characters like Glenn who are morally straight and narrow, without him in the show they would likely lose touch with a percentage of their audience, plus to kill him off in as graphic a manner as the comic book did on TV? Wouldn’t go down too well…
So who else could it be? Well, how about;


- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Daryl is the one central character in the show that the writers have complete artistic control over, he was created purely for the show, and it’s a testament the writers that he became such a beloved character, and the writers are well aware of this. However, with complete artistic control over a character comes a license to kill, so to speak. The writers can use him to fill whatever gap they need in order to progress a story arc, even if it means killing him. That being said, I have a feeling that Daryl may be safe for now, and not just because of the potential uproar from fans should they see season seven open with their favourite redneck-with-a-heart’s brains being spilled in front of their very eyes. I think he’s safe because he was weak in that episode, he’d been shot, he was a slumped mess on the floor struggling to keep his head up. Which brings me to my next possible candidate…


Abraham has seen his fair share of action. Having been in the show since season four, he’s been an asshole, a psychopath, a loose cannon, a generally take no shit kinda guy who we saw struggle rejoining society when the group were in their early days of settling into Alexandria.
This season we’ve seen him develop into more of an actual human being, having fallen in love, suggesting he would like to bring a child of his own into the world, and even finally finding some mutual respect for Eugene. But changes like that are designed to humanise a character, make them more relatable and dare-I-say, likeable, and in the world of TWD, that is usually serving as a setup to make their imminent death more affecting for the audience. What better way to shock the viewers than to kill off the manliest guy in the show, just after you’ve started to view him as an actual person? I personally think that this is the most likely candidate, especially when you consider the scene where Negan is looking them all up and down, and we see Abraham posture up to him whilst on his knees, which Negan appears to acknowledge by making a comment about his facial hair. And let’s not forget, that when the bat does start swinging, whoever goes down quickly straightens up again and look up at Negan in that exact same way, to which Negan comments “He’s taking it like a champ!”
To me, Abraham is pretty much a done deal, he’s the only one in the lineup who doesn’t appear to lose his shit, and so the only character who could feasibly take a beating of that magnitude “like a champ”

So there we have it, three possible characters that may be starting season seven on the floor. Do you agree with these predictions, or have any of your own? Let us know in the comments below!