If, like me, you had been eagerly awaiting the start of this new season, then hopefully you weren’t disappointed by the first few episodes. We all knew emotions would be high and someone was going to meet the end of Lucille, but I’m not sure if many expected what happened. I’m going to give you a quick round up of events so far along with a few thoughts of how I think the season is going. Grab onto your seats guys, it’s going to be an emotional ride.

Obviously there are spoilers for the first three episodes of this season.

Episode One: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


Well, we knew someone was going to get it, but my goodness it still hurt. For me, the shock of show favourite, Glenn, being bashed to death didn’t come as a massive surprise. Not because I had seen any spoilers, but because I knew that Negan was going to be his demise due to the graphic novels. Either way, this episode was done incredibly well. It was tense and you could really see what a piece of work Negan really is. Jeffery Dean Morgan plays him fantastically with the right amount a charm and aggression, making us hate a fear him in equal amounts. Also, seeing Rick so helpless, probably for the first time since the very beginning of the series, was very uncomfortable to watch. Knowing that those who remained in Alexandria had no idea of what was going on with this small group made it more tense knowing that blame would be placed on Rick when they all returned. It will be interesting to see how Daryl copes as well. He must have been wrestling with so many conflicting emotions. I mean it is pretty much his fault that Glenn got killed due to his violent outburst. He probably also really wishes that he never helped, or even that he killed Dwight when they first met. Overall, good episode and a gruesome way to open the season, potentially setting the precedent for what follows.

Episode Two: The Well


This episode sees us catching up with Morgan and Carol after she decided to leave Alexandria after not wanting to kill any more. Carol has been an interesting character throughout the Walking Dead, going from a beaten wife, to losing her only child, to being an all-round bad ass so it was sad to see her struggling at the end of season 6. In this episode we are introduced to The Kingdom. To start it seems like an idyllic place with plenty of resources and in relative safety. After Carol has recovered from her gun wounds, Morgan takes her to see The Kingdoms leader, King Ezekiel. My days, he is probably may favourite character right now. You know straight away that something isn’t quite right with him and it is up to us to decide whether it is all an act or whether he is in fact just a little deluded. Eventually we see it is an act and he confides in Carol how he ended up at the Kingdom with his ‘pet’ tiger Shiva. This is a turning point for Carol, who up until that point had wanted to carry on her way and leave as soon as she was able. They seem to share something, Carol and Ezekiel, and they understand each other in a way which no one seems to have done before. Morgan also comes to terms with the fact that he can’t change Carol’s mind and he needs to let her go to discover her own way. We also see in this episode that not even the Kingdom is free from Negan’s reach as some of the Saviours rock up and ask for supplies. Morgan tells Ezekiel that he knows all about Negan, obviously unaware what has happened to Rick and company back home. I did take some joy in the fact that they managed to give them tainted meat without their knowledge, after feeding the pigs with Walker flesh. Whether this will have any effect on them, who knows. This will be interesting to follow and see whether all parties with eventually meet and hash it out.

Episode Three: The Cell


This is the episode where we finally see what has become of Daryl after being taken hostage. He is being broken down slowly by Dwight and Negan and we learn that Negan sees something in Daryl and wants him to work for him. Obviously, in true Dixon form, he doesn’t give in. We also see another side to Dwight as he goes out looking for someone who has run away from Negan’s camp. Everyone is fearful of Negan, I mean let’s be honest, he is a total nut-job, and this is where we start to see that people don’t necessarily agree with him, but are too fearful to revolt. Eventually, Dwight eases up on Daryl as we learn how he got his position as Negan’s right hand man. It isn’t pleasant, but again it shows just how afraid everyone is of their leader and feel like they need to do his bidding or be killed. This is an odd episode for me, as not a great deal happens in the terms of action, but we see a lot more how this new world has affected people psychological and how a pack mentality seems to take over as a survival instinct.


So, the first three episodes were all different. Before the season began I wasn’t over fussed about watching it to be honest. I’m hoping the introduction of Negan, Ezekiel and their respective camps will add something fresh to the show.It is tough for the writers as there is so much material to draw on from the graphic novels and I hope it isn’t a series that outstays its welcome on our screens. I will continue watching, and perhaps my stance might change as we get further into the season as tensions rise and Negan enforces his rule over Rick. Keep your eyes peeled for my thoughts on the next three episodes of The Walking Dead.