Digital heroines have come a long way since waiting to be saved by an Italian plumber after being held hostage by a large primate. Let’s be honest, Princess Peach makes Mario work for it,
so I cannot knock her in that sense! There are plenty of characters that hold their own in the video-games of today, and are not present simply to move the plot along or as eye-candy for the male player.

This list was a difficult one to compile and I know many readers will have their own list of characters that they feel I should have included, so please don’t hesitate to let us know who your
picks would be in the comments section.

**Warning Spoilers**
5. Clementine – The Walking Dead: A TellTale Game Series

Clementine, or ‘Clem’, has made my list because of her maturity for someone of such a young age. With Clementine, TellTale games have made a realistic character, and a believable one. Clem begins as a young, scared little girl who throughout the first season learns many life lessons from the sadly missed Lee. After losing her parents, Clementine had every right to remain immature and rely on adults to guide her along, but she didn’t; she effectively shows more maturity and more prowess for survival skills than most of the adult characters in the game. I mean, she sutured her own arm for crying out loud; why would she not make the list! I am very much looking forward to seeing an older Clementine in Season 3 of The Walking Dead.


4. The Boss – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Boss, or The Joy, represents the epitome of kicking ass in video-games. If players looked into the background of her character it proves to be a fascinating read. The Mother of the Special
Forces, an inspiration for the Patriots, creator of CQC and a mentor to Naked Snake! The woman was constantly sought to be assassinated by various derivatives of the ‘in-game’ U.S forces. She’s hard-core, and has a rightful place on this list.
3. Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Jill Valentine has been a constant throughout the Resident Evil series, and has also constantly kicked ass better than the male characters. Jill has stood out in the series, specifically in the original Resident Evil (1996). She’s constantly searching for her fellow colleagues, who seem to get themselves lost quite easily – a little embarrassing considering they’re an Alpha squad for S.T.A.R.S. Jill goes on to battle a never before seen enemy, the undead; attempts to take down her Captain, Wesker; destroys the mansion; and, just for laughs, defeats a Tyrant! With that record, Jill Valentine is certainly eligible for the Top 5 list.


2. Ellie – The Last Of Us

Ellie, similar to Clementine, is mature beyond her years. However, Ellie differs slightly to Clementine – she’s already solid. A 14 year old girl who has grown up in the fungus pandemic who can hold her own in the harsh environment of postapocalyptic America. The first time I heard Ellie swear I was in utter disbelief, not through naivety that a 14 year old can’t swear, but maybe that I was just not expecting it during gameplay. I felt like a shocked Mother! I mean, when I was 14 I was still playing Pokémon (well….I still do). I could not imagine myself in such an environment shooting a bow and killing fungal nasties!
1. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider series

Yes, here she is: the Mother of all female characters and a mandatory choice for any list of this type. Lara Croft is the gun slinging, acrobatic swinging, swan diving, butler imprisoning heroine that has been around for nearly two decades. Lara holds a special place in my video game library and always will, no matter which form she takes. I first came across Lady Croft when she advertised Lucozade in the 90s and I never looked back. Lara can do anything. I was sceptical when the reboot came out in 2013; new look, new voice and a newbie Lara whom I was unfamiliar with. However, I was proven wrong, and Lara continues to remain at the number one spot of digital heroines, and I anticipate will do for many years to come.
So…there they are: my Top 5 Female characters for International Women’s day. I would like to read who would be in yourlists, fellow gamers. Please leave them in the comment section below!