The Pilot Show. Never heard of it? I didn’t think so, not many people have. The Pilot Show will go down as one of the funniest forgotten British comedies of our time, and what a shame that is.




Written and created by Paul Garner (above, The 11’o Clock Show) and snapped up by Channel 4 in 2004, things looked bright for this Celebrity and Public prank show. Starring Paul Garner himself as well as now well known names such as Robin Ince and Marc Wooton.


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The idea for the show was in the name itself, unsuspecting D list Celebs were pitched ridiculous ideas for new TV shows whilst being secretly filmed and some even went ahead and created the ‘Pilot Episodes’. Dean Gaffney, Mr Motivator and Frank Bruno were all duped by this incredible show.



Members of the public were also put under similar hilarious scenarios In one instance, 30,000 British men responded to an opportunity to appear on a reality show “Lapdance Island.” Unfortunately for the men, it was all a hoax, only a video of the US version but you get the jist..



Here’s John Fashanu and the infinitely famous and large Vanessa Feltz..


Again, unfortunately for us, Channel 4 only ever showed the series once on TV, I didn’t even know about it at this point. It wasn’t until a few years later, NTL had changed to Virgin (Bit of UK TV history for you there) and had introduced the On Demand service. There was such a vast choice of shows to watch, and among this shower of shite was an absolute gem, The Pilot Show.

With only one series to watch, my friends and I found ourselves re-watching episode after episode after episode, with a 200 odd day counter ticking down until it was removed, we had to make the most of it.


Before we knew it, it was gone. Never to be seen again. Countless emails to Virgin, to Channel 4.. Nothing. I even emailed Paul Garner and Robin Ince themselves to try and dig around for more information a few years ago, I had replies off both men and neither had original copies or knew the whereabouts of them. Now Paul Garner did kindly advise that once Damon Beesley (director) had finished the Inbetweeners, he would attempt to contact him to find out more but I never heard back, it seems even the makers have given up hope!



So this does end on a sad note, still no Pilot Show. The only thing you’re going to have to do is watch the few clips videos that ive blessed upon you and get hassling Paul Garner and Damon Beesley on Twitter for more!



Pilot Show, until we meet again


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