With the last few months, Nintendo have truly proven themselves capable of creating a hype train that can power through that of many other big name developers. The culture of hype surrounding some of their biggest titles like Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda have reached almost infamous heights on the internet, especially pertaining to what people will do to get new information. This is usually entertaining for other people to watch and take part in with it mostly being a friendly community that is purely excited for a great game. However, the mystery surrounding Nintendo’s new console (tentatively named the NX) has sent the internet into overdrive and Nintendo fans have seemingly imploded from the lack of information. The craziness surrounding the NX has gone too far.

Ever since the announcement earlier this year that the NX will officially be launching in March of 2017, Nintendo fans have gone crazy with trying to find information. The typical rumours of the name of the console have flown around with all of the given examples mostly being previous consoles with a two on the end. Other rumours such as the price, power and release date of the console are all to be expected and it isn’t surprising to see them, especially when it’s Nintendo we’re talking about. All of these rumours and speculation are completely healthy, encouraging fans to be excited for what could be an amazing console. Sometimes these cyber-sleuths can actually uncover details that give us a big hint at what’s to come.

The longest pertaining rumour associated with the NX is that it will be a hybrid console- part home console and part handheld. This rumour has been heavily supported by comments from insiders and industry experts and is all but confirmed at this point. Besides this research ruining the surprise of what could be a revolutionary console, this sort of speculation only really works in the favour of informing the consumer on what is to come. Once again, this sort of speculation is healthy- who doesn’t want to know what they’re going to get? Nintendo are clearly going to encourage all of this excitement- it gets the fans hyped and it means that their product is more well known and anticipated.


Despite all of this, the speculation and rumours that are spreading around right now are the worst kind. Several fans are starting to get actively angry at Nintendo for not announcing the NX, being childish enough to insult and denounce those who are patient enough to wait for the actual announcement. These kinds of people are to be expected but they are currently overshadowing the real fans. It paints a picture of a violent and negative community, even though this a far cry from the truth.

Following this horrible type of negativity, there are also some ridiculous theories that are being spread around the internet at the moment. For example, the Google event that happened on the 4th October used a still from Majora’s Mask to reference the fact that the event was 24 hours away. This inconspicuous usage of a meme sent several ‘die-hard’ Nintendo fans into assuming that the NX would finally be revealed at a completely unrelated event. This is fine as a strong belief that Nintendo would surprise everyone isn’t completely crazy, the bad bit about it is the people who actively believe that every possible chance Nintendo have to announce the NX they will- and when they don’t the fans get angry at Nintendo for not following their crazy train of thought. The fans are what keep Nintendo going but they can also cause a lot of problems if they’re not fulfilled.

Here’s the problem- if Nintendo revealed the NX to be exactly what fans what it to be and exactly when they want it they’d be disappointed that there was no surprise. If the NX turns out to be something completely different then it will be shunned for not being what everyone wanted. This is the wrong kind of hype, this is hype that Nintendo won’t be able to recover from if it doesn’t go their way.

How can it be fixed? Well, the only solution now is for Nintendo to set a time and date for the NX to be unveiled. This means that fans can stop speculating and just wait for the official word. So far, all we have to off on is several insiders and the developers who have actually seen it. If they are to be believed then the NX will certainly be something special. One thing is for certain though; The NX ‘hype’ has gone too far. If Nintendo don’t do some damage control soon then the NX reveal will be overshadowed by the dangerous levels of toxic hype.