So the big two in the console market have had their keynotes for the E3 2016 conference, and Matty J’s already given his lowdown on Microsoft offering, but what did we think of Sony’s efforts?

God of War
Holy crap I wasn’t expecting this! We were shown a very Kratos-esque character (albeit with a beard) going hunting with his son and taking down a big-ass troll. It was pretty damn cool, and showed us some of the best father-son advice ever to grace a screen, “don’t be sorry, be better” Nice parenting bro.

That's not a warface. Show me your warface!

That’s not a warface. Show me your warface!

Days gone
We finally found out what Sony Bend Studios have been working on, which is some sort of open-world hybrid of sons of anarchy and fallout with a touch of mad max thrown in for good measure. It had a look and feel of Last of Us in there aswell, and we all know how much I love a good post-apocalypse yarn.

Chasing tail, even in the apocalypse

Chasing tail, even in the apocalypse

Detroit: Become Human
A shiny new trailer was shown for Quantic Dreams previously announced android caper, and while it looked purdy and seemed pretty tense, it left me feeling a bit less interested than I was before. Time will tell though, and I did enjoy that Heavy Rain. Speaking of which I definitely recognised the main guy’s voice…

Horizon: Zero Dawn
We got to see a new gameplay demo of Guerrilla Games open-world action RPG, which gave a bit more insight into how the game will flow. I’m not a fan of the main character, or the fact your main weapon is a bow (melee or machine guns all the way for me) but it was a very nice looking world and the creature design and atmosphere were top-notch.

Who knew a world of robo-dinosaurs would be so beautiful?

Who knew a world of robo-dinosaurs would be so beautiful?

The Last Guardian
That’s right, Sony are making sure we believe this game actually exists by giving us not just a new trailer, but a real-life release date of October 25th 2016! I’m finally more optimistic that this game may not just be a long-running inside joke by Sony Japan. And how about that evil bird-dog thing, what a twist…

Kitchen/Resident Evil 7
I don’t think anybody saw this coming, what started as demo for a PT-esque first person horror game was revealed to actually be a new instalment of Resident Evil, called Resident Evil: Biohazard. It had a VII hidden in there aswell but this did not look like a continuation of the existing canon. My money’s on a reboot, and seeing as I now have the demo on my PS4 I’ll be able to find out for myself tonight!

Resident Evil 7 is happening, and it's playable in VR!

Resident Evil 7 is happening, and it’s playable in VR!

Next up, in the VR segment we saw a trailer for a Star Wars Battlefront VR mission, in space! Looked nauseating as all hell but I’m into it.
There was also a look at Call of Duty Infinite Warfare which was unexpectedly meh. I don’t know if it was the VR aspect or just the design in general but it just seemed a bit janky and dare I say naff.
Most intriguing was the new Batman reveal, Batman: Arkham VR, which opened with a nice Joker monologue about donning the mask and didn’t actually show us anything other than a title, and the all important detail that it is once again Rocksteady at the helm.
We also got an extended look at some Final Fantasy XV which looks far more interesting to me than any Final Fantasy I’ve seen before (just to clarify, not a FF fan) although the reveal and subsequent demonstration of the game being played in VR did nothing for me.

Final Fantasy is back, and now they drink tea

Final Fantasy is back, and now they drink tea

Shawn Layden stepped on stage to do his usual ‘haha, we know how much you want Crash” tease, accompanied by the shadow of Crash Bandicoot following him, only for him to reveal that they are actually hard at work remaking the original Crash trilogy from the ground up for PS4! I guess the Ratchet and Clank remake’s success has inspired them there. Either way, good news all round.

Death Stranding
So Hideo Kojima steps out on stage (and completely ignores the fact he should be walking slower than the path which was clearly meant up to light up before him in sci-fi future fashion) to reveal just what he and his new Sony exclusive Kojima Productions have been up to.

Oh Norman, what did you do?

Oh Norman, what did you do?

A very intriguing trailer with a bleak eeriness about it, serving up a whole lot of dead fish and crabs, before revealing a naked man waking up in a road with a baby. The man is shown to be a naked Norman Reedus, his hands get covered in ink as the guitar music amps up and the baby vanishes, and I am suddenly convinced this is a revived Silent Hills project, until they revealed the actual title as Death Stranding anyway… Definitely an intriguing one.

I’d heard rumours of a new Sony exclusive Spider-Man these past few weeks, but I’d heard it was to be developed by Sucker Punch of Infamous fame. I was not expecting it to be true and was expecting even less that it would be developed by Insomniac!

White power! No, wait...

White power! No, wait…

The trailer showed some fast-paced gameplay and acrobatics, with a new character design featuring the dilating eyes showcased in Captain America:Civil War’s iteration and a I’m-not-sure-i-like-it new white logo plastered on his suit. Still, I love Spidey, and I love Insomniac, so this is pretty much a match made in heaven.

Days Gone. Again?
So we all know Sony like to close on a gameplay demo, and much to our surprise they decided to show off a stage demo for Bend’s new game revealed earlier in the show.

Run like HELL

Run like HELL

It starts by showing the protagonist, a biker/bounty hunter type, following the trail of another biker type into some sort of mill or yard. The survival gameplay and exploration felt very LoU as mentioned earlier, and gave a bit of a horror vibe. Then there were dogs eating a dead guy, then a weird child creature eating a dog, then holy-goddamn-shit levels of unstoppable crazy zombies swarming at you from every direction. The way the horde just charged at the player was like a mix of Left4Dead and that god-awful World War Z movie, and it worked. Oh, how it worked.

After the dizzying levels of reveal trailers and gameplay in the opening third, Sony set out to prove that VR will be worth our time and money. This part of the conference was a definitely longer and less exciting than it needed to be but still left me pretty intrigued for what’s to come.
Add to this the surprise reveals of Resident Evil, God of War and Kojima’s new game and I think we can call this one hell of a conference from Sony. And how about a round of applause for that Orchestra, Sony you grandiose SOB’s.


Game of the show – Days Gone