Gaming and controversy has been a long love affair since anyone can remember. From angry parents, media outlets making accusations it rots the brain or promotes violence and game being connected to the most heinous of gun crimes, the list can go on. Some complaints are warranted, and some are just down right peculiar and there are even some that are simply there as a cunning marketing tool.

We take a look at the most controversial ones arising out of the game industry.


No Man’s Sky

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Let’s get the most recent and most talked about game out of the way first. The hype behind No Man’s Sky, a game created by an indie developer, received hype like I have never seen before. The developers made bold statement regarding NMS and it’s capabilities as a game, it was heralded to be the next game that blows you out of the water. However, upon release at a not so nominal price of £40.00 for the game the developer has enraged the gaming community. A Reddit user has recently collated the empty promises that Hello Games failed to deliver on such as, forging allegiances with alien races, aliens have no self-awareness and the portals don’t do anything. Unfortunately, the comprehensive Reddit post has now been removed, but thanks to the internet it’s not lost forever. Someone has created an aptly named site “no mans lie” where they have attempted to replicate the original post, check it out here. Overall, the game was very over-hyped for what it was, if the price was in the range of £20/£25 I would imagine the anger wouldn’t be so great. People have felt cheated by an indie developer, which are usually the teams you can rely on to bring players the game they promise, clearly not in this case. Sean Murray is now at the centre of a massive witch hunt thanks to false promises he gave throughout the NMS promotion. I am sure this debacle won’t be forgotten any time soon.



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Recently, I have only been reading up on the GG scandal, yes very late in the day I know, and I genuinely struggled to gauge what exactly this scandal represented. Firstly, it appeared to centre around one female developer called Zoe Quinn and her game Depression Quest. Initially, it appears to be a whole argument about feminism in the games industry, but later details revealed that it was more of an attack of corruption in gaming journalism. Quinn’s game received praise on the well-known site, Kotaku, however it later emerged that she was in fact having an affair with Nathan Grayson, the journalist who praised it. This was revealed by Quinn’s disgruntled boyfriend in a blog, however, after investigation nothing was found of any review praising Quinn’s game. This event appeared to open a can of worms in the gaming community, questioning the ethics of these popular gaming sites. Overall, I agree corruption should be exposed at any point, but quite frankly I don’t really get the ins and outs it still feels to me that this controversy raised a lot of hate amongst everyone involved, to sound cliched, life is too short to hate! If you understand the ins and outs, let us know in the comments section below.


Konami and Kojima

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In 2014, a little demo called P.T was released on the PS4, a joint venture by famous developer Hideo Kojima and director Guillmero Del Toro. The demo was a representation of a much needed reinvention of the famous psychological horror game, Silent Hill but this wasn’t to last. The game was pulled much to the outcry of everyone who had the opportunity to play it. What transpired over the next year became one of the most talked about fallouts. Kojima had served Konami for many years bringing us and them the most popular video game series in history, Metal Gear Solid. The drama progressively became worse as time went on, Kojima’s name was removed from The Phantom Pain covers and Kojima was banned from the VGAs in 2015. It is rumoured that Konami have hinted Kojima was difficult to work with, either presenting ideas or taking his sweet time developing a game. However, nothing has been confirmed or denied by the popular developer and quite frankly I am quite excited to see what Death Stranding brings.


The EA Wife

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This is a pretty dated controversy but a popular one nonetheless. Back in 2004, a disgruntled EA employee Erin Hoffman emailed her husband full details of what she was going through. Any one of us can get irritated after working 5 days a week/40 hours a week in your day to day job, but working 12 hours a day, seven days a week? That may wipe some us out. Some of this can be quite the norm in the industry and it may be something devs etc. put up with it, since they are doing what they love. Most people can put up with this for a few weeks but after time anyone, regardless of passion, will get irritated, depressed or ill. So Hoffamn wrote a very public letter about the conditions within EA when meeting deadlines for game release. It was so controversial that it resulted in a successful lawsuit against the company. Pretty rich coming from a company who release half a game, am I right?


Jack Thompson

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Anyone educated in the gaming world will be aware of this one army man and his vendetta against the gaming industry. He’s not a man to admire or be a fan of and quite frankly is an all-round arse. Thompson has taken a specific vendetta against the developer Rockstar, having instigated many claims against them for their controversial games. On the many occasions he has instigated them he has also failed. Thompson is known to be nuisance with zero concern for the families involved making the claims against violent video games.

These are just a select few taken out of the history books. Do you have any controversies that made you laugh, cry or gasp in awe? Let us know in the comments section below.