Recently, I have been playing a lot of Dota 2 and it has been a minefield experience so far. I signed up for an account back in 2014, played all of one game and instantly gave up. From there onwards, I never touched a MOBA game and I was never remotely interested in one until this year. Back in April of this year, I had some time off work and my partner was hogging the PlayStation 4 meaning my only source of gaming would come from my PC. After speaking with my brother on Discord, I made the decision to re-install the free game, Dota 2. 

It’s been almost two months since that day and I have clocked up around 100 hours already, considering I am out of the house for actual work 60 hours of the week that’s pretty good going. Dota 2 is not simply a game you can jump into, it really requires thought out tactics in terms of your game play and hero selection – so you will have to read up before playing. You’ll quickly learn that the community can be a very hostile one, especially if you are a newbie. There is a great deal of terminology to learn, not only for the game itself but even before you start playing, I will not go through each one individually as it will more than likely take up the chunk of this article.

Since playing the fantastic MOBA game, I have had more bad experiences than good as a newbie, but that has not deterred me from playing the technical game. My brother is a hardcore player, and has been for the past three years. I have been lucky that he and a friend of his have coached me since my addiction started two months ago. We may be siblings, but there’s no love lost, it does not stop him from telling me bluntly what I am doing wrong or doing well – we have had several heated discussions during game play.

Dota 2 player logic in a nutshell.

Since my addiction began, it has spilled over into wanting to improve as player, and to stop the “cyka noob” comments being thrown my way. I generally get blamed for the team’s failure because I am the noob. In order to learn more efficiently, I have began watching professional matches on Twitch or in the Watch feature of Dota 2 and to watch players of that level is definitely an eye-opener. The precision, timing and all round speed of these players is like watching a digital athlete making that final sprint at the end – constantly. Dota 2 is a game where you have to think ahead, and predict the enemies moves and these players do it with the utmost ease.

If you are a Dota 2 fanatic you will already be familiar with the player I am about to discuss, Miracle. A ‘pub-star’ meaning a well known name in the public domain games, Miracle was given a chance at the professional level with the team, Balkan Bears. The relationship was short lived, and Miracle was ejected from the team. Miracle’s solo MMR in pub games is what drew the Dota 2 community to him.

I’d be quite pleased too.

He was easily gracing 8,000 plus MMR and very recently became the first player in the world to hit over 9,000 MMR. If you are wondering what MMR is, simply put it’s what determines your skill level as a player, and the figures decrease dramatically when you lose a ranked game – in a nutshell. So basically, Miracle is a very good player and is deemed the number one Dota 2 player at present. Miracle has joined a couple of teams since his Balkan Bear days, but has found his style fitting with current dominating team, OG. OG were the team that went on to win the Frankfurt Major 2015 and winning a share of a cool $1,110,000, not a bad share considering his age.

I am an admirer of watching Miracle play, he is like an elegant war machine with magician like qualities when taking down enemies. Miracle’s style of play can keep you teetering on the edge of your seat, just when you think he’s down and out, the guy gets himself out of sticky situations – like lightning. I question whether the kid has some form of photographic memory, as he clearly knows each Hero’s cooldown, unique abilities, formation and timing of creep waves and other factors within match time. To learn all of this as a noob presently, it’s extremely overwhelming and often leaves me frustrated after a session. This is not a fan-girl article, just an appreciation for a fellow player who has precise, surgeon-like qualities when it comes to Dota 2. 

Dota 2 is an overwhelming experience, and one which can really hinder the pleasure of absolutely stomping the enemy team. However, take advice from this unranked, cyka noob; catch up on some reading, join up with experienced players and get ready for a Miracle!