As a long-time wrestling fan, Chris Jericho has always been a constant for me in terms of comedy and absolute golden moments in promos. He’s charismatic and an industry veteran, having collected 25 plus years of experience in the squared circle.

Jericho was teamed up with another promo favourite, Kevin Owens. Chris and Kevin gave us comedic moments on Raw, moments that the Monday night show is lacking, other than The New Day providing their tid bits.

As the wrestler has now entered his twilight years, and is passing his charismatic experience to new blood, we take a look back at the best moments in sparkle crotch’s glittering career. These are in no particular order, chronologically or in rating.


1. His WWF debut

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The Pineapple Head Era Had Begun

Jericho was already known in the wrestling world prior to hitting WWF back in 1999. Jericho had quite the CV wrestling in promotions such as WCW, ECW and had made his travels around the globe donning the name of “Lionheart”. Lionheart was dropped and in came the era of Y2J, the play on the new millennium bug that was going to take over the globe, Y2K. In my view, Jericho’s debut was perfect, he attempted to go promo to promo with the hottest promo mouth at the time, The Rock. His debut is what also gave birth to RAW IS JERICHO!


2. The Original List

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Longer list, longer hair!

During his tenure with WCW Jericho really showed off his heel like qualities, and in my opinion he is one of the best heels to ever grace the wrestling screen. Young fans today are greeted with “The List of Jericho” but there was a list prior to that list back in the day. Jericho stood in the WCW ring and proclaimed himself as the man of a 1004 holds. Jericho was trying to prove he knew more holds than the “Man of a 1000 holds” Dean Malenko. WCW Jericho was extremely entertaining and not surprisingly WWE lapped him up.


3. The feud that never was

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Twas but a dream, at the time.

As mentioned above, Jericho did some hilarious things in WCW and another is a make-believe feud he had going on with their hottest star at the time, Goldberg. Jericho did some amazing build ups to stir this feud that he so craved, seen nothing more than a cruiser-weight at the time, Jericho wanted to play with the big dudes. If you get time I’d strongly recommend watching his documentary on the WWE Network. He explains that finally Goldberg was billed to spear him and Jericho refused, realising his time at WCW was up and he moved on to greener pastures. It’s also been reported that Goldberg really, really disliked Jericho’s mockery of him and most recently had a real life spat backstage. Oh dear.


4. The feud with Chyna

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Jericho had just joined the WWF in the August of 1999 when he was paired with HHHs then girlfriend, Chyna. Of course, HHH had huge influence at this point in the WWF and this included his posse of DX. Jericho was told not to go easy on Chyna because she was a woman, her whole persona was that she wasn’t a woman. Jericho went full hog in a match and gave Chyna a black eye, which reportedly Big Daddy Mac went ballistic over. Either way, the feud was an enjoyable one, even if it meant Jericho was in a difficult position, he handled it well.


5. The Canadian Threesome

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Not only a story line that went on for 8 months, it was one that also propelled Trish Stratus’s career into, well, the stratusphere! It was also one of the most shocking female heel turns at the time. Y2J and Captain Charisma were dating both Trish and Lita, they had implemented a wager and when Trish learned of it she ended it with Y2J. Although, Jericho managed to save the relationship it caused issues with his tag team, Christian. At Wrestlemania XX, Christian picked up the win against Y2J, Y2J got a slap to the face and the affair between Stratus and Captain Charisma was revealed. Oh, the shock!


Drink it in maaaaaan – The Gift of Jericho

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This is stretching it for a ‘moment’ if you will, but, we’ve been drinking Chris Jericho for many years, and there’s just no denying he is one of the top heels to ever grace the squared circle. He just has an exquisite talent of conveying an image of the ultimate douche. He has a library of famous catchphrases to undermine fellow superstars and the WWE Universe. From the, pineapple ponytail to a more recent bright jackets, scarfs and no shirt combo he just oozes douche and we love him for it.

There are so many moments that could have been added to Jericho’s List, but these are an isolated few that really stood out for me as a fan growing up watching. What are your favourite Jericho moments? Let me know in the comments section below.