It’s been a long time since a game has been announced where it holds some air of intrigue and mystery. Many, many questions remain unanswered since the Resident Evil 7 demo was released on PS4, and this is a good thing. Players and industry commentators have forgotten what it’s like to know that less is more, and this is so important when it comes horror.

These days it does feel that creative industries feed us way too much just before the main course. Movie trailers are too long, take Batman v Superman for an example, it essentially showed all the ‘best’ bits and the rest of the film was a filler. I am not saying creators shouldn’t show-off their best bits but reel it in a bit, leave us wanting more. Movie trailers reveal way too much about the main feature film. Video-games are not exempt from this either, too much hype can seriously damage the effect of a game’s day one release, take Watchdogs for example. For games, it is a difficult dilemma, there’s nothing better than heading to a midnight release (I recall waiting for Skyrim) and then being absolutely blown away for weeks on end.

In Resident Evil’s case the franchise requires something to reignite that horror element it became so famous for in the 90s. For too long the game series became a third person shooter, littered with quick time events and action sequences. I am the worst when it comes to horror games, a massive baby but not one hair stood on end in the last few instalments. I have never known a game series to hold so many re-releases, that I felt Capcom were milking the undead cow! Lo’ and behold Capcom have delivered with the fantastically scary demo of Resident Evil 7. Many fans will still be disappointed with this instalment, as it is deviating from the conventional survivor horror that we became to love and hold dear. However, with so many horrors out there now Resident Evil 7 needed to modernise itself to refresh a series which was suffering.

No more of this nonsense

There’s no denying the similarities of P.T (Silent Hills) and Resident Evil 7, but this isn’t a bad thing. Konami have failed to capitalise on the popularity of the P.T demo having allegedly fallen out with Hideo Kojima. If you are not following what I am referring too, get reading! Where did this leave the Silent Hill series? Well, dead effectively. Konami have mentioned no plans in relation to the series, which was suffering in similar ways to Resident Evil, dare I mention Resident Evil 6, Silent Hill: Homecoming or Silent Hill: Book of Memories. These are old classic series that are/were struggling to keep up with the horror scene, with games like; Outlast, Until Dawn, Alien Isolation and Soma setting the horror bar higher, these two classics need new ways to keep up with the modern crowd.

Perhaps it’s a case that developers are now reluctant to reveal too many details, in the angst of promising too much to its fans and then not delivering. I have not played No Man’s Sky but the umpteen articles I have read regarding how much wasn’t included was surprising. Back in the good old days, there were limited amounts of information about a game’s release, and we experienced it for what it was on release day. The advancement of technology, social media and media outlets have clearly crushed the mystery surrounding a game’s release, for better or for worse. Ultimately, let’s not rush our judgements based on the lack of information, and the similarities between P.T and Resident Evil 7 and embrace the new, fresh step in the series. And to Capcom, this Resident Evil fan is happy to wait until release day to see what the new game will bring to the horror table.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Capcom should be revealing more? Let us know in the comments section below.