We all have at least one game we play religiously. We will blow off our friends to play, lose sleep to play just a little more, call in sick for work so you can pick up where you left off. So we here at Nerdhub want to share some of our stories with you and talk about some games that took over our lives.

I’m kicking this off with one of the games that ruined my social life for my teenage years, Runescape the free MMORPG. When I started my Runescape adventure I thought it was a poor mans World of Warcraft but that was before it got its claws into me.


Just looking at the login screen fills me with nostalgia.Throughout the years, Runescape has gone through some changes and most recently it had a dramatic graphical upgrade. More specifically, I’m talking back in 2007, it was everything I wanted in an MMORPG and for me, the most important thing is that it was free. Of course you had the members section with all the perks, I crafted for every penny I earned before taking the leap to the members area. Runescape opened my eyes to a whole new world.


I didn’t have to kill cows for their hides anymore, one thing I noticed when doing this is that there was always one other player who would run around collecting your hides. Runescape some real noobs, and another reason why this was a good way to get money. In addition to this you could bury the bones to get your prayer level up, kill the cows to get your Strength, Attack and Defense levels up, it really was a win/win.

I could fish for lobster! Like a Lobster King! if I remember correctly you had to have level 40 Fishing to fish for lobster but once you hit that majestic level you were set for your Runescape life.

Something that really made the old school Runescape stand out was the wild (wildy), somewhere players could attack each other, and pillage them of all their hard earned inventory.


And now I have to make a terrible confession. There was a time when I would convince lower levels to follow me into the wild to fight an enemy because I couldn’t do it alone. Little did these noobs know I was the enemy, they didn’t stand a chance. The noobs were merely a training exercise for me and I took full advantage of their trusting nature. I know what you are thinking, but I wasn’t the Runescape bad guy. I was a product of the online environment,  and I’m sure the people I did it to carried on that awful tradition.

I want to talk about Skillcapes, you work so long for them and I have to ask, were they worth it? If you will allow me to answer my own question; yes, yes they were.


You will always know if you’ve maxed out a level, but how will other people know? And that’s where the SkillCaps came in. It was clear bragging rights back in the day and I loved it. They were pretty snazzy too.


Runescape had a little mission that in itself was boring and easily forgettable. So what makes this one of your favourites I don’t hear you ask, I’ll answer anyway.


Kittens! The ability to raise cats. This was before the Summoning ability, so having a kitten follow you around was a big deal back then.

Writing this I really had to fight the urge to play this again, and I’m proud to say, as of right now anyway, I’m clean. Some people drink, some people take drugs and I play video-games.

If you are looking for a free-to-play game I highly recommend Runescape. I want to avoid giving it a score out of 10 so I’m not going to, but I will say this:

If you want to fight dragons you can, if you want to fight demons you can, if you want to fight giants you can, if you want to be a wizard you can, in you want to be a ranger you can. You are only limited by your imagination, in the land of Runescape you can be whatever you want, and that’s why it’s better than real life.