It was just an ordinary Tuesday, until Conor McGregor decided to shake the MMA world up just a little bit. It all started with this tweet



Social media went mental, was this all a ruse? More mind games by McGregor? Or was this the real deal? Surely not the latter. No doubt millions of people were caught completely off guard, myself being one.

Things went quiet, not for too long though. Nate Diaz responded with a quirky tweet about retiring too as his ‘work has been done’ as did the 0-0 CM Punk. Now looking at the whole picture, what happened?

Well first off Dana explained to ESPN that Conor had no showed for a press conference, therefore he had pulled the fight against Diaz from the UFC 200 card. Dana does have history in this, Nick Diaz being another high profile name to fall foul of Dana’s strict “hype up your own fucking fight” policy.

Just this alone kind of paints a picture as to how things turned out, here’s my synopsis of events..


Monday:  Conor posts Instagram picture of teammate and himself all smiles training in Iceland

Tuesday: Conor speaks to Dana, who advises that he has a press conference and a video shoot to promote UFC 200. Conor, being in Iceland and training, isn’t happy with the demands from Dana and no doubt holds his ground to stay in Iceland until training has finished. Dana is having none of this, advises Conor if he isn’t on the flight booked then his fight is pulled from UFC 200.

Deeper into Tuesday: – Conor didn’t board the scheduled flight, Dana cancels the fight and informs McGregor.

Tuesday 7:31pm: McGregor tweets his early retirement.

Tuesday 7:32pm onwards: All fucking hell breaks loose.


I am a HUGE McGregor fan, and i can see exactly how this one has gone down and it doesn’t make McGregor look good..

McGregor didn’t get his way for probably the first time since signing for UFC, and in the sulking rage that he was in decided that if this fight wasn’t going ahead then no future fights were going to happen either.

Its a stalemate, a proverbial staredown, neither side wants to budge. This could go on for a while..




But Kriz? What about the fact that McGregor started following Triple H? Shane McMahon? Stephanie McMahon? AND Becky Lynch??

Thanks for asking, again this could just all be part of McGregors elaborate plan to try and squeeze as much money out of UFC as possible before actually retiring or to just shit them up that they fold and just do it McGregors way, and it just might work. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too..




Further updates as they come



Soooo, apparently the balls in McGregors court..



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