With the Superstar Shake-up well and truly underway I take a look at all the superstars that were traded to RAW from Smackdown Live, I will be giving my honest opinion on the moves and if I agree with them. Also check out my article on the 8 superstars that should move by clicking here.

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The Miz and Maryse

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Starting the show and coming out to John Cena’s theme music, hopefully this marks the end of that gimmick because I’m sick of it, credit to The Miz for nailing Cena’s mannerisms because it took me an embarrassing length of time before I realised it was him.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this, the United States Championship contenders are all incredible in the right and while The Miz is coming off the year of his life I’m not sure he’ll be placed in with the likes of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Chris Jericho and Finn Balor.

He probably would have been better suited on Smackdown Live and feuding for the Intercontinental Championship because he is a really good heel champion, that being said it leads nicely into the next shake-up


Dean Ambrose

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That’s right, as it stands both mid card champions are on RAW, does this mean Kevin Owens is making the jump to Smackdown Live? There is no end to the feud with Baron Corbin? It’s an odd choice and not one I was expecting. With all former members of the shield and all potential members of Balor Club on RAW will we see an all-out war between the two? Throw in the new stable forming with Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Triple H and this could be exciting for RAW, very exciting.

With the people who has gone so far I do worry for Smackdown Live, the cream of the crop has remained but there foundations are disappearing quickly.


Curt Hawkins

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Apparently they need more jobbers on RAW, I hope he enjoyed getting squashed by The Big Show because I feel like that’s all he’s going to be doing on RAW, it’s all he was doing on Smackdown Live so at least they have gotten rid of someone they just weren’t using.




Bray Wyatt

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And the biggest name leaving Smackdown Live is Bray Wyatt, this was the biggest surprise of the night for me but I really like Bray Wyatt and it looks like he’s heading for a feud with Finn Balor, this means he’s probably losing at Payback but when he moves to RAW the matches he can have become a lot more interesting, who will be after Finn Balor? Seth Rollins? Kevin Owens? Or, like I hope, his brother will finally join the Wyatt Family, come on Bo Dallas!




Apollo Crews

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One of three superstars that was announced with no promo, he wasn’t being used on Smackdown Live so the change to RAW might do him good, I’m not expecting him to pull up trees but a solid feud might see him move into the mid card and on to better things, sadly an example of someone who was called up from NXT too soon.




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This one just makes sense, the cruiserweights are on RAW and now so is Kalisto, and if they wanted to bring Sin Cara back on TV he can reunite the Lucha Dragons and join the Tag division

And speaking of the tag division……



Heath Slater & Rhyno

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Former Smackdown Live tag champions, it’ll be interesting to see how RAW uses them, either they will be a jobber tag team to discredit the Smackdown Live tag division or I can see Rhyno turning heel on Heath and them splitting off to becoming single stars



Alexa Bliss

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Debuted with Sasha Banks and Bayley in the ring is a good indicator of how Alexa Bliss will be used, I’ve made no secret for my love for her but now that she’s joined RAW the women’s division on Smackdown Live is lacking, meaning there will be at least one or two trades back to Smackdown Live to make up for the loss




Mickie James

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And another women gone from Smackdown Live, there was no real surprise here but I would have liked to see her stay on Smackdown Live and help build that division, but RAW needs depth and that’s just what it got in this draft.





What are your thoughts on the trades? Who do you think should go the Smackdown Live? Let me know in the comments below