Every year, around April Fools Reddit starts a particular subreddit that gets users in an all out war.

Last year, we saw The Button and this year we see /r/place.

/r/place is a subreddit on Reddit whereby users pick a pixel colour and place it on the box, however, you are only permitted to place a pixel every 5-10 minutes. The timing changed at different points.

Over the course of last weekend, we saw all out clan wars between colours and wars between users complaining some images were redundant and room should be made for artistic images. The main culprit of a nuclear war was a symbol of OSU, a large, round pink circle taking up a lot of space.

If you missed all the hot, pixel battling never fear this is the internet and some kind soul has put together a 72 hour time lapse of the event. At around 3:00 minute mark you can see the OSU image on the bottom of the box being riddled with black pixels, sort of reminds me of little ants crawling all over the screen!

This subreddit certainly showed the artistic flair in the online community and it’s mind boggling how many people took part.