Okay, so you may or may not have heard/seen that the yearly celebration of a little-known franchise called ‘Star Wars’ is currently taking place in Orlando, and you also may or may not have seen/heard that there has been a cheeky little teaser ¬†released for the next instalment of said little-known franchise. Not seen or heard about this? We’re not overly surprised, like we said; it’s pretty niche and obscure.

Finn got a funky new exoskeleton?

I’m being sarcastic of course; this is probably the biggest piece of news in the world right now that doesn’t revolve around Trump, Terrorism or Taylor Swift. Star Wars is without a doubt the most significant franchise in Sci-Fi history, and since Disney has purchased the rights and started their new trilogy, all eyes and ears have been on it.

Poe on the run

We’ve waited nearly 18 months to get even the slightest glimpse of Rey, Poe and Finn back in action, and many had speculated that this glimpse would be arriving on day 2 of this year’s Star Wars celebration. Well in this case, the many were indeed correct, although instead of the expected taste, we got an actual mouthful.

Is Rey the Last Jedi?

I kept my expectations low, thinking we’d get a 30 second teaser which would give us a single line of dialogue, hopefully delivered by Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker, followed by some brief, ambiguous imagery. What i did not expect was to hear Luke’s first character dialogue in over 30 years, spoken over scenes of Rey using the force, epic space battles, strange new world’s lightsabres being ignited and Kylo Ren looking way more evil than he did last time. We also got a sillhouetted shot of Luke saying that the Jedi must come to an end (what does he mean?!) as well as a shot of the fastest hunk’o’junk in the galaxy partaking in some aerial combat, all of the feels.

The official poster suggests a pretty dark tone for this one

This wasn’t a teaser, this was a trailer that seemed like it was for a finished film, this was two minutes of pure excitement and nostalgia, with shots that signify the team are all back to the forefront with Finn, left injured with Leia at the end of Force Awakens shown in what looks like an exoskeletal suit of sorts, Poe Dameron running through a base that’s under attack as his X-Wing is destroyed (again) and Rey being tutored by Luke, Degobah style.

Looks like Rey will be getting ‘hands-on’ with the force

It was all too much, in the best way possible, but given how Disney handled the trailer campaign for Force Awakens back in 2015 with arguably one of the most well-crafted and emotive movie trailers I’ve witnessed in recent years, it was hard to think they could pull off the same trick twice, but by Christ they’ve done it. They’ve shown enough to give us a decent taste of the tone and characters, but not spoiled it (like most modern trailers) by giving away even a hint of the story.

Red means evil, obviously

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be hitting theatres this Christmas, and is being directed by Rian Johnson who helmed the modern noir classic ‘Brick’, as well as that tense train heist episode of Breaking Bad and even some episodes of Bojack Horseman, so the dude’s got some pedigree, albeit in some rather niche areas.

I haven’t been excited for Christmas since I was a little kid, but this year, for many of us I’m sure, Christmas can’t come soon enough…