Ever since The Big Bang Theory hit our TV screens geek culture has become cool, or maybe ‘the mainstream’ are more willing to accept geek culture. There are the ones that just jump on the band wagon, especially recently just take a look at Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has exploded and it seems like everyone, and their dog, is playing it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome, growing up with Pokemon was like crack to me and I don’t think these new players understand the extent of the addiction. If you consider these too mainstream there are alternatives, for example, if you don’t like Big Bang Theory there is Silicon Valley.



The beauty of Silicon Valley is that they have kept the cast small, come to think of it, most of the best shows do the same and with good reason. They have chemistry and the characters just seem to be a natural fit. The story itself doesn’t sound interesting, it’s about a group of app developers. One of them makes a compression app that beats the best Weissman score in history they all work towards getting it released, so they can make it rain. N.B. Weissman score is the measurement for the effectiveness of compression software)

The majority of the story is focused on Richard Hendricks, but the real stars of the show are the rest of his group; Erlich Bachman, Gilfoyle and Dinesh. Each character brings a completely different persona to the table and they all gel perfectly. Erlich Bachman is played by T.J Miller, you may recognize him as the Barman from Deadpool, his role in Silicon Valley has set up for on onslaught in Hollywood.



Gilfoyle and Dinesh are the backbone of the show, the back and forth between the two is reminiscent of many friendships. They trade insults more than any other duo on TV, it’s good to see Martin Starr back on a big stage after This Is The End. Recently renewed for a fourth recent, due to air in 2017, it’s sure one not to be missed. I worry Silicon Valley may go the way of Arrested Development by being critically acclaimed but cancelled due to viewing numbers, that’s why it is up to all of us to make sure that doesn’t happen.



Thanks to Amanda Crew and a few other gals this show isn’t just a massive sausage fest, I don’t want to suggest that the only thing they bring to the table is a pair of breasts because that just isn’t true, each character is developed in some detail and it is now different with the women.

Sadly, Christopher Evan Welch how played Peter Gregory passed away before he could see just how acclaimed his role would be, he was clearly a popular figure among the cast as is evident in the tribute episode. Some of you may think differently but I thought the episode was a touching testament to someone who was taken too soon.

Anyway, watch it, it’s good. If you’ve seen it let us know in the comments section below, if you liked it or not on Twitter @nerdhubonline or on Facebook @nerdhubonline