I’ve read a lot of harsh reviews but I enjoyed it, that being said, I’m not a movie critic, like you I’m a humble fan so you might say (I do) my opinion is better than theirs. That’s right Hollywood.

Okay! I am doing this from memory so I apologise if I miss any of your favourite parts out. We start with a scene that could have very well been taken from Exodus:Gods and Kings and that’s where we meet Apocalypse, and it looks like he’s about to steal the healing ability of a loyal subject, before it can be complete a pyramid collapses on top of him and his cronies, next we have the title sequence, which I really liked, probably more than I should but hey that’s me, and it shows just how terrible we have been over the last millennium.

Firstly I want to look at Apocalypse and his four followers, Angel, who we meet in a fighting ring, similar to the introduction of Wolverine in the first X-men movie, only, Angel looks like he’s losing before the fight is stopped and they are both freed by Mystique. Next we have Psylocke played by Olivia Munn, which I’m all for, big fan of hers.

Now the other two, he have Storm, we find out how her hair turned silver, interesting to see her backstory develop and finally, Magneto, one half of the odd couple that keep us coming back for more, in my opinion the relationship between him and Xavier is what keeps us coming back for more.

Moving onto the X-men, Mystique has gone rouge and wants to distance herself from the events from the past, as mentioned previously she is saving mutants, unwilling to play the hero and unable to be the villain, she finds herself thrust into a position of power when Charles is taken from the school, more on that later. One of the first mutants of the school we run into is Jean Grey, and she has the best line of the movie “the third ones are always the worst” they sure are Jean, they sure are.

I want to discuss some of the movie plots, one in particular I didn’t like, the constant attempts at romance, we have Magneto and his wife, Cyclopse and Jean Grey and Xavier and Moira, I don’t know about you but that’s not what I want from my movie, unless it’s The Notebook. Speaking of Magneto, QuickSilver is his son? That just seemed crammed in to me.

Apocalypse does well spouting quotes which could be taken from any holy book, and the final showdown is good, and what you expect from an X-men movie, with Jean Grey becoming the Phoenix, Dark Phoenix movie coming soon?

I almost forgot about the Wolverine cameo! Brutal, seemed out of place with the tone of the movie but he’s always fun to see.


I’ve tried not to give too much away and at the same time to give a decent review, so the final score



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