Hello there! It’s time for another trailer review, this time I analyse my thoughts and give my verdict on how the movie will do, so Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles: Out of the Shadows let’s take a look.

Well, I guess we start by looking at the cast, Will Arnet, why Will? Megan Fox? It seems like I’m the only one that remembers Jennifer’s Body?


I’ll just leave that there so we all know the type of actress she is.

Now, maybe the director can get the best out of the cast, step up Dave Green! Who? At least Michael Bay is a producer….yay!


For the wrestling fans among us Sheamus also features in the movie before being turned into a weird rhino thing,I don’t know why, but far be it for me to question Hollywood.


The cheap jokes, the bad dialogue, obviously I’m not the target audience but come on, Marvel is successful because it targets everyone,  it’s like Ninja Turtles just wants a slice of the Universal rating pie, good luck beating Disney.

Eveything about this seems wrong, hopefully once it gets panned as I think it will people will stop hiring Michael Bay….


Okay, prediction time, 5/10, now just to clarify, I think it will be an awful movie but I’m basing it off the IMDb rating I think it will achieve.

if you think I’m wrong feel free to comment or call me out on Twitter @nerdhubonline