A spoiler free review! I have to start off by saying if you liked the previous two movies you need to go and watch this, not to say it’s a better movie, it’s a nice addition to the franchise. If you like action movies then you won’t be disappointed, the visual effect were stunning! because I’m a nitpicker I did notice that there was a moment of bad CGI, it was only for about 2 seconds but I saw it, let me know in the comments if you know what I’m talking about.


So firstly I want to discuss the writing, naturally all the credit will go to the actors because they are the ones that bring the screenplay to life, a special mention has to be made for Simon Pegg, he wrote and starred in this movie. I found this the Star Trek movie with the most laughs in it, I have seen many a movie that have tried too hard to be funny it took away from the overall story and sabotaged itself to get a few laughs, I am happy to confirm that Star Trek found the perfect balance, some of the jokes are subtle and they don’t rely on themselves to make the scene, they are expertly woven into each scene so that it doesn’t distract us from what’s unfolding.


J.J.Abrams left the Star Trek franchise after Star Trek Into Darkness to work on Star Wars and I can only speculate but I’m sure he made a pretty penny more, in stepped Justin Lin to direct, yes the Fast and Furious guy, from the trailer I felt like it would possibly be taking a step into what I like to call “Michael Bay Territory” I didn’t want an hour long chase scene through space followed by half an hour of explosions, and do any of us really want that? I’m answering for you no you don’t.


This is the first Star Trek movie that doesn’t have Leonard Nimoy, part of me was expecting them to not mention the fact he had passed away, they didn’t have to, but they did, and it was handled in such a way that it shaped a large portion of the movie, you can tell the writers are fans and had huge respect for Nimoy, when you watch it you’ll be moved at how carefully and thoughtfully it is handled. Of course there is another from the Star Trek family that passed away this year, before the movie premiered Anton Yelchin’s life was tragically cut short, in what will be one of his final performances he once again showed that he was one of Hollywood’s brightest stars.


As is custom in movies there needs to be a villain, and this is no different, enter Krall played by Idris Elba. In all honesty I preferred Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan but hey! at least he was better than Eric Bana. Without giving too much away the movie does spoon feed you the fact that Kirk and Krall have similarities and plays off that fact.


I know you all want to know who stole the show, well I’ve given you a hint in the picture. And surprisingly it isn’t Zachary Quinto, he does a excellent job as he usually does, this was truly the movie Bones played by Karl Urban proved he’s more than just a secondary cast member, I might be slightly bias towards him but I think he’s a criminally underrated actor who deserves more recognition, and I will do my part!



So, after all my praise what will the review be, it will be out of 10  because that’s how I think all movies should be rated (thank you IMDB)

I liked almost everything about this and that’s why it scores highly


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