With the DVD release of Episode 7 I’ve decided to put together an order of my favourite Star Wars movies, live action only I’m afraid. So starting off with my least favourite and working my way to my favourite.


Episode 2

IMDB score – 6.7

While writing this my housemate is telling me I’ve got this order wrong so nobody will care, well jokes on him because nobody is going to read this anyway, I’ve mentioned it in the next post but I want to emphasise the fact it was a tough decision and the deciding factor was Darth Maul.

Episode 1

IMDB Score – 6.5

The first Star Wars movie to really bring lightsaber battles to the forefront of the storylines, and not to mention Darth Maul is one of the best movie villains, just look at the double lightsaber. It was a tough decision to pick between Episode 1 and 2 but I preferred Episode 1, possibly due to the fact it was the first Star Wars movie I watched, somehow it didn’t put me off.

Episode 3

IMDB Score – 7.6

By far the best of the newer trilogy, a throwback to the original trilogy, knowing the story of Episode 4 left no real surprises, we knew Anakin would become Vader, we knew Luke and Leia would be born, that being said the last scenes with Anakin and Obi-Wan fighting and surrounded by lava has incredibly tense and, I think, was the best scene of the trilogy.

Episode 7

IMDB score – 8.3

The most anticipated movie of 2015, and it didn’t disappoint, Kylo Ren started the movie as a masked badass who could have easily been the trilogies equivalent of Darth Vader, once the mask was off he turned into a whiney emo child, it’s what was needed, and to separate themselves from the original trilogy they killed off one of the most popular characters of the series, we found out he was the son of Han Solo and Leia who both have roles in the movie, Carrie Fisher has aged horribly, but it was still nice to see her. It’s all been set up nicely for the next movie with Luke making his return in the last scene of the movie.

Episode 6

IMDB Score – 8.4

That Leia bikini, cosplayers of the world give thanks. Introducing Jabba the Hut, and a timeless comparison to people of a certain nature. The most disappointing death of the franchise goes to Boba Fett, I was certainly expecting something a little more epic for a character they teased for so long, Jabba the Hut gets what he deserves, though it kind of looks like he was enjoying it, that’s not for me to say here. Another death was Yoda, lots of death in this movie, you may aswell rename it Star Wars 2016, but do they die if they become one with the force? I guess we’ll never know, and Vader dies, but he returns to the lovable Anakin before passing away, and he kills the Eemperor before dying himself, that’s pretty epic. And I can’t forget to mention the line that has generated a million memes “It’s a trap”

Episode 4

IMDB Score – 8.7

From the scrolling text we now all associate with Star Wars to the destruction of the Death Star I’m hooked, yes I didn’t care about the medals at the end. With Leia being captured within minutes of her on screen debut you just knew she would someone be saved, like a page out of Disney (ooohhh foreshadowing) a Princess is always rescued. And now me meet Luke, fresh faced Luke, we all know how he gets R2-D2 and C-3PO, and then silly R2 decided to make a break to look for Obi-Wan, luckily Luke and C-3PO find him before any harm comes to him, just in time so they can all be attacked together by sand people, but good old Obi-Wan saves them. As far as movie set ups go this is right up there, Luke gets his fathers lightsaber, they meet Han for the first time, and he shot first. We get to see the power of the Death Star, the cantina music, any scene with Vader and Obi-Wan is just pure gold, and also the destruction of the Death Star, what a feel good end to the movie.

Episode 5

IMDB Score – 8.8

Just all kinds of yes, the most iconic scenes, the most iconic lines. Prior to the battle of Hoth we have Han searching for Luke in the blizzard and he’s forced to cut open his Tauntaun to use its body heat to keep Luke alive, if you’ve seen the Revenant something similar happened with Leo and a horse. And we get to the battle, AT-AT’s as far as the eye can see, it’s cute, they thought that would be enough to end the rebel alliance and Luke not today. Let’s skip forward to the introduction of yoda, not quite the training montage of Rocky but some good back and forth between the two, and some words everyone should hear from Yoda “Size matters not” and also something about trying but let’s concentrate of the size thing. Onto Cloud City! And we meet the coolest guy in the universe, also the only black guy….strange…and he betrays his best friend, at least he has a change of heart and decides to help, a little too late though Lando. And a brief mention to the introduction of Boba Fett, nicely done. Luke v Vader, Father v Son, Good v Evil. Let’s all give Luke a hand here, one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history, I don’t blame him if he has a few daddy issues. Now let’s go save Han!