With the first of the WWEs “Big Four” pay per views since the brand split, we here at NerdHub take a look at all the matches and give our thoughts on the match up and of course, who we think the eventual winner of each match will be. We have the classic Survivor Series elimination matches so we’ll also be picking our survivors, and if you fancy yourself to be a know it all why not call us out on Twitter and send us your predictions!

So lets stop wasting time and get down to business!

The Miz v Sami Zayn

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Having won the title from Dolph Ziggler on Tuesday The Miz is heading to Survivor Series as the champion. Sami Zayn on the other hand is fresh off a win against Bo Dallas. So, with both men coming into the match with momentum it might come down to who has luck on their side…or a BBB (Beautiful Busty Blonde) how sexist of me right! but Maryse is the difference maker here. I have no doubt it will be a great match because The Miz is in the best part of his career and Sami Zyan is, and will always be a fan favourite. Plus, can you tell me how singles champions are currently babyface?

0….so that means one thing.

Winner – The Miz

The Brian Kendrick v Kalisto

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Brian Kendrick is back in WWE and it didn’t take him long to win his first title, being one of the only Cruiserweights who WWE has developed has really given him a key role in the division, but will it remain on Raw? Kalisto is a former United States champion, so WWE clearly thinks he has something to offer. Kalisto is now matched with people his own size, he should be able to have better matches. I think everyone would agree that after the Cruiserweights Classic the division has just been coasting through and not having any meaningful matches. Will this freshen things up with a new champion? and a new show?

Winner – Kalisto

Team Raw v Team Smackdown (MenTag Teams)


There is no doubt Raw has the better tag division, but with so much on the line I expect Smackdown Live to give everything they’ve got. The Shining Stars or Breezango will be the first team eliminated and I would put money on that, they are the jobbers of this match, the survivors of this match is quite difficult to call, but I think that both American Alpha and Heath Slater and Rhyno will survive.

Winner – Team Smackdown

Team Raw v Team Smackdown (Women)


In terms of star power Raw wins this hands down, but will they all get on? The Raw women showed that by invading Smackdown Live that they can all work together, it might not have ended the way they wanted but it’s a start. Alicia Fox or Naomi will be eliminated first, I’d say Alicia Fox is more likely because Naomi can do some crazy dive onto team Raw again. But our prediction for the survivors would be, Charlotte and Bayley…no…just Bayley. We want some Bayley.

Winner – Team Raw

Team Raw v Team Smackdown (Men)


JeriKO is my favourite thing about WWE at the moment. James Ellsworth will have to get involved somehow, and I think he’ll cost Smackdown Live an elimination. Hopefully, that leads to a tombstone from The Undertaker but only time will tell. At some point in the match, all former members of The Shield will be in the ring but I don’t think they will be the final 3. However, I do think one of those members will be the lone survivor and that is Roman Reigns.

Winner – Team Raw

Brock Lesnar v Goldberg

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‘Fantasy Warfare’ just got real. I can’t see Goldberg going 2-0 against Lesnar, Goldberg has had some clear ring rust since coming back. He had the slip with Rusev, and then injured himself on Raw last week, I don’t think anyone can deny that Goldberg has gotten himself into phenomenal shape for his in-ring return, but Lesnar has been kicking ass since returning. Will Lesnar’s destructive path be stopped? I don’t think so it might not be a clean win but Lesnar will pick up the win regardless.

Winner – Brock Lesnar


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