With payback around the corner I’ve listed the 10 matches I would book for this, this is opinion based only so keep your bitchin’ to a minimum. At the time of writing all wrestlers are healthy, I’ve avoided superstars like John Cena and Seth Rollins, Cena made his return at Wrestlemania but I doubt he’s ready for in ring action yet.


Kalisto v Baron Corbin for the US title

I worry for Corbin, yeah he won the Andre the giant memorial battle royal but where does he go from here? I’d like to see him come out and stake his claim for the US title, I would have Corbin win this, he’s not the finished article by any means but why not give another NXT guy a push. It’s worked for Owens and Zayn so why not Corbin?

Emma v Becky Lynch

Let’s get an international divas match going, Emma was the best of the Team bad and blonde and Becky is the best of the rest, I can see the Lass kicker winning this but win the potential for the fuss to go on longer.

The Miz v Cesaro for the intercontinental title

Finally Cesaro makes his return from injury and is thrown into a title picture, I’d love for Cesaro to win and to feed with Owens. Having said that I think The Miz will win thanks to his wife.

The Usos v The New Day

The New Day get the win, I wasn’t happy with the ‘mania loss to League of Nations so they need a big win, a title defence against one of the most popular tag team in the last few yea will do it.

Ambrose v Jericho

I don’t like this feud, it seems pointless to me. It’s like they didn’t have any lined up Ambrose after wrestlemania, Ambrose gets the win for me, he needs it after that Lesnar loss.

Enzo and Cass v The Dudleys

I’d like Enzo and Cass to win the tag team tournament but I can see getting screwed in the final by the Dudleys which leads nicely to this match, with the pop Enzo and Cass get when they come out it seems stupid to stop that with a loss to the Dudleys.



Owens v Zayn

My favourite match on the card, this feud has been building for since both men made it to the main roster, the two stand outs in the Money in the Bank match at ‘mania they deserve to showcase their ability in a one on one match.

Charlotte v Natalya v Sasha

Having Ric Flair cost both women wins over Charlotte this match is poised to happen, I see Sasha beating Natalya for the title leading to a feud over the title between Charlotte who didn’t lose the belt and Sasha.

Lesnar v Wyatt
Payback for the rumble, and it’s a bitch. If they don’t do this soon then people will lose interest, I would love to see Wyatt win and start a push for the title.


Reigns v AJ Styles

I can only see Reigns winning this, people might assume that bullet club will get involved but with all the merchandise for balor club I don’t think they will push AJ Styles as the leader. And it doesn’t matter what the fans want we’ll be getting Reigns as champion.