2016 has drawn to a close, and yet again we find ourselves knee deep in 2017. February is a time for reflection, and since we at Nerdhub have nothing but time on our hands we decided to use some of it to give some thought to TV releases of 2016.

Joining me for this are some of Nerdhubs contributors.

I’ll kick things off…

Our TV Picks

A:2016 gave us a wealth of great TV, from continuations of established shows like The Walking Dead to brand new surprises like Westworld, but there was one series which really captivated me, and that’s Game of Thrones.

The best bloody bastard

The best bloody bastard

This season, Game of Thrones won me back. After 2015’s season I had genuinely lost interest in this show, to the point that I didn’t even think I would bother tuning in for another season, but season 6 drew me back in as we saw the culmination of story arcs that we’d been following for the past 5 years begin pay off with extraordinary results.

From it’s epic scope, perfect pacing, and all the action (and dragons!) you could shake a bloody broadsword at, season 6 was a gamechanger. Not just for the show itself, but for what could be accomplished in television in general.

The Ramsay vs John Snow showdown in Battle of the Bastards was hands down the single most spectacular thing I have ever witnessed on TV, and was like the ultimate thank you to all the fans that had been following the show all these years, and i effing loved it, although I’m still disappointed that Rickon didn’t zig zag.

J: As mentioned above Westworld was new to 2016 and took it by storm, I feel special mention needs to go to Stranger Things, it was a Sci-Fi kind of year.  This show is almost perfect. The story is intriguing, the visuals are beautiful and the acting is incredible, Anthony Hopkins is just park owner and it has made stars out of Jeffery Wright and Evan. From the first episode and the introduction of the “hosts” as play things for the guests, there have been a few comments made about the violence it shows but I disagree with those quarrels, it adds to the story and isn’t just for the sake of it. Since we’re in a moment of mid-season breaks/waiting for new seasons to start I can’t recommend Westworld highly enough. And that ending, goosebumps.

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Mrs Nesbitt: There’s only one series that truly stood out for me this year, and that was political drama House of Cards. I only began watching the series toward the end of 2016 and it sucked me in from episode one. I was thrilled by tiny details such as, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) turning to talk to us, the audience, of his real thoughts after a conversation with other characters. The relationship between Frank and Claire Underwood is also one that completely intrigues you. The show got me rooting for a corrupt and manipulative politician. It’s intelligent and has more twists and turns than a drunk snake.

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