Is it just me or are these Takeover events just getting better and better? Back in Full Sail on Wednesday night, NXT had another solid card lined up for us rabid fans and yet again,  they did not disappoint.  All 3 NXT titles on the line,  a debut, the most over wrestler in NXT and the first time we were going to witness steel around an NXT ring,  we were always going to be excited for this one.


First match of the night saw Tye Dillinger making his first ever Takeover appearance against debuting Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas. I really enjoy watching Tye,  he’s definitely the next star coming through NXT and even though he lost this match he showed what wrestling abilities he has.  What an incredible match,  the crowd were sucked in completely.  Almas made a good first impression on his debut,  a few nice moves throughout and one hell of a fucking finisher by Almas, brutal. Expect to see a lot more of Tye and Almas in the next few months.


Up next was the eagerly anticipated Tag Title rematch pitting The Revival against holding Champions American Alpha.  From start to finish this match absolutely blew me away. Match of the night, Tag Team match of the year, NXT match of the year,  whatever accolades these men receive are truly deserved.  This was a proper tag team match.  I’ve watched it 3 times since it was on, double team moves galore, sneaky shots and take outs,  run ins, near falls and one of the best reverse belly to belly suplexes in mid air I’ve ever seen by Mr Gable.  I think everyone was a bit shocked to see American Alpha lose,  on the other hand I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a tag team work so well together in The Revival. You could say the same for American Alpha,  they are completely in sync and never seem to miss a beat, but I’m glad the titles changed hands because it means more matches between these two teams which is great for everyone.

After the match two absolute behemoths enter the ring and beat the living shit out of American Alpha,  these guys are gonna be a formidable team to mess with, known as Sunny Dhinsa & Gzim Selmani – The Authors of Pain, even more so with Paul Ellering as their manager.


This part seem to impress Kevin Owens too


Next match up was Austin Aries vs Shinsuke Nakamura. This was another belter. It didn’t quite live up to the epicness of Nakamura’s debut against Sami Zayn,  but it was nice to see A Double in a match where he could actually show off what he could do. Highlight for me was the death Valley driver to the King of Strong Style on the ring apron,  ouch. Another win for Nakamura and I really don’t know what is next for Aries.  The heel turn needs to come, or there is the potential of carrying out a similar storyline to Zayn/Owens between him and Bobby Roode,  who sneakily snuck into view for a few seconds, we shall find out soon.


Back onto the gold,  and Asuka was defending against Nia Jax. Not quite Sasha Banks vs Bailey,  but a decent large against little style match. Asuka wins after kneeing Nia to oblivion which I think we all expected,  Nia didn’t come off looking too bad so we’ll still be seeing a lot of her. Who next for Asuka? Another match with Bayley or is she departing for the bigger stage? This is the time for Bliss and Carmella to step it up and start a revolution of their own..


And onto the main event,  the 4th meeting between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. An entertaining entrance from Balor and some even more impressive paint.  A pretty back and forth match,  the crowd seem divided between these two at the moment,  I think the NXT fans are already resigned to losing Finn to a call up very soon.  I couldn’t see Balor winning this match,  the show was called The End (of the Beginning) for a reason,  pretty much all of the first era of stars have had the call up or are just around the corner from being called up so it makes sense to forge a new chapter with all of the new faces and up and comers.

Samoa Joe wins with an unruly muscle buster from the second rope and leaves with a new found respect to Balor for the battle that has just ensued.


Brilliant show,  and with the announcement of NXT back in Brooklyn in September it’s going to be an exciting few months worth of build up.

On a side note,  Corey Groves is WWEs best commentator just ahead of Mauro Ronallo.  With the brand split quickly approaching who knows what voices well be hearing calling each show.

I’ve had a scan over Triple Hs Facebook interview also and it is amazing to hear that NXT is no longer the developmental but it’s very own brand,  and massively deserved that is.  Things are looking big.