NXT Takeover – Back to Brooklyn Preview

Saturday August 20th 2016 – Barclays Centre, Brooklyn, New York

Well this has snuck up on us hasnt it, only 4 weeks to go until wrestling’s second largest weekend, NXT is already shaping up to be one hell of a show. Be warned, there may be spoilers ahead as some of these matches are yet to be announced on NXT TV.

This Takeover really needs to shine for a few reasons, NXT has officially entered its ‘next phase’. Its had a few minor tweaks with its image like the commentary team and the annoying laser effects in the opening music, however the most noticeable change is the current wave of new stars and seeing how they cope with taking the place of already established and extremely popular stars within the NXT fan base.

There are 6 matches in total on the main card, some of which are yet to be announced so carry on at your own will


Austin Aries Vs No Way Jose

This one has been building up for the past few weeks now and I think everybody assumed this would happen, I’d rather forget completely about Aries dancing a few weeks back. Granted he ended it well but I had a horrible feeling he wasn’t going to stop dancing, horrible. NWJ looked pretty mean on this past weeks NXT and I’m a fan of his style so looking forward to this match and it should be a good one to warm up the Brooklyn crowd


American Alpha Vs The Authors of Pain

Another one which was pretty easy to see coming, a lovely grudge match  Regardless of the size of AOP, Gable and Jordan fared pretty well on NXT against them this week despite being attacked before the match and clearly the smaller guys. American Alpha will make this match, they’ll make the Authors look amazing too. Expect a big send off for the Alphas before their well deserved call up.


Andrade Almas Vs Bobby Roode

This one came as a shock to me as Roode still hasn’t debuted officially and there’s been no mention of him, expect the announcement over the next few weeks – Looking forward to this one!


The Revival Vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa – NXT Tag Titles

I’m calling this being the match of the night, if you want to see two of the best tag teams today go at it in a stiff technical wrestling match then fucking tune into this. The Revival are very strong at the moment, but it’d be nice to see a feud started between these aswell. American Alpha and the Revival put on some of the most memorable tag matches to date that I can think of and this has the potential to raise the bar even higher.



Co Main Event

Asuka Vs Bayley – NXT Womens Title

This is a hard one to call, both very over at the moment, both babyfaces, but extremely different styles and personalities. If things go how we think they’re gonna go tomorrow (Bayley at Battleground) then Asuka will win this, if Bayley doesn’t get her call up then she may be lingering around NXT for a little bit longer. I think its fair to say we need to kind of see how other storylines play out before being able to make a solid call on this one. Either way it’ll make for an exciting match, and obviously deserved as the co main event.


Main Event

Samoa Joe Vs Shinsuke Nakamura – NXT Championship

Another one that hasn’t officially been announced on TV yet but again expected after Nakamura defeated Finn Balor a week and a half ago. I cant wait, from what I gather these two haven’t wrestled before other than house shows so it should be an interesting matchup. I hope Nakamura wins, but I’ve got a feeling they want to cement Joe’s current stature so this feud may drag itself out for the year – I wouldn’t be complaining!


So its lining up to be a solid show so far, things may change over the next few weeks but id be more than happy if this was the final card

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