Never fear! I’m here to give you the perfect excuse to invite your new tinder match over to Netflix and chill.  


Lets start it off with the best of British, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman at their absolute best, the back and forth between the two just gets better with each passing season. Through the series we get more twists than a pigs tail, now I do like Downey Jrs portrayal of Arthur Conan Doyle’s private detective but it has to be Cumberbatch that really shows us how it should be done, Cumberbatch along with his army of Cumberbitches ensure that the show will always have a strong following, and I find myself enlisted in that army myself.



Keeping it British, yay for us! After the success The Wire everyone was glad to see Idris Elba enforcing the law is his own gritty way. Think of DC Luther as a cross between James Bond and McBain from the Simpsons, yes I only picked James Bond because he was British…and also I want Elba to be the next Bond.

A tough London Detective who’s life is more messed up than mine and still has to go out and clean the streets of London while remembering not to kill everyone he meets, because he can, he has a gun and he’s Idris Elba. Not the light-hearted show you want to watch but certainly one that will grip you until you watch every single episode.


Orange is the new Black

Prison and lesbians…mot exactly jelly and ice cream but it works, it was nice to see Jason Biggs and Natasha Lyonne in a American Pie has been reunion. The rest of cast have been thrust into the spotlight from relative obscurity, I was worried that the storylines and jokes would be aimed more towards females but I don’t think they are, the good thing about orange is the new black is that the main character is out done by the supporting cast, I honestly can’t think of a show with a more interesting group of people.


F is for Family

Well the picture makes it look like King of Hill, it’s better than that I swear, meet Frank Murphy and his family in this brutally honest portrayal of family life back in the 1970’s. Frank is a angry angry man who seems to be constantly on the verge of turning green and ripping the arms of his stoner son, I’ve not long discovered the show but I love it, I find the humour better than American Dad/Family guy and if you enjoy my style of writing you might too, but also check out my other articles because they are nothing but gold.


House of Cards

Actually made me interested in American politics, Francis Underwood would get my vote every day of the week, Kevin Spacey in his best role since American Beauty and also Jenny from Forrest Gump plays his wife, I’m sure she’s been in other things but nothing that good. If you thought politicians were all out for themselves and would do anything to get one over on each other watch this and be proved completely right, and we all like being proved right so do it.


Making a Murderer

Well lets all jump on the bandwagon and if you took my first sentence literally jump on something else aswell.

Poor Steven Avery or Steven Avery you bastard! Depending on how you see it, for its rather simple idea this show has caused massive waves and prompted many a discussion around a work water cooler or whatever real people do.

There is something that’s quite gripping knowing that there is somebody at the end of his real life episode of law and order, certainly worth a watch.


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