With the announcement due on the next James Bond any week lets take a look at who I’d like to play the role. As always if you disagree or think missed someone out feel free to call me out in the comments or on Twitter @nerdhubonline.


I based my picks on the characteristics I believe James Bond should have, suave, tough and yes, British. Enough chit chat lets get on with the countdown. Because I’m an honorable man there is a notable absentee from the list, and I want to discuss why.

Daniel Craig


James Bond has made global superstars out of most of the actors who have played the role (Sorry George Lazenby) Quantum of Solace aside and I have enjoyed all movies that star Craig as Bond. Now the decision to have a blonde James Bond caused some controversy at the time, but I don’t think anyone can deny that he did an excellent job, and as they say, leave us wanting more, and that looks to be exactly what he’s done.

Onto the list!

5. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy portrait linda nylind

Is it because I have a man crush on him? is it because I’m in the midst of a Peaky Blinder binge? the answer to both is probably yes. As an actor he has already starred in some big roles, Jim in 28 days later, Scarecrow in the Batman franchise and Robert in Inception, now he’s already a star in his own right but I would love to see by the star of his in franchise. In all likely hood this isn’t going to happen, I haven’t heard he’s linked with the role but I’m a dreamer.

4.Tom Hardy


Certainly the ladies choice, less on the suave side and more on the ass kicking side, that being said, he looks good in a suit. Can you image the intake of women that will actually want to go and watch James Bond? I feel like I should stop talking about his looks now, and onto acting ability, one of the hottest UK talents in recent times it’s hard to argue that he has taken Hollywood by storm, after minor roles in the Batman movie and Inception he’s done well for himself.

3.Charlie Hunnam


Another actor who isn’t in the running to play him, but why? he has shown versatility in his roles in Green Street, Pacific Rim and Sons of Anarchy, I suppose he’s busy filming King Arthur but after the King Arthur movie surely if given the opportunity he would jump at it. Also another ass kicker, lets go for a change of pace.


2.Tom Hiddleston


Less ass kicking more suave, after exploding into popularity with his role he has long been linked with playing Bond, while I don’t think he will be the next incarnation of Bond it’s not impossible that he can return to the role at a later date, or, maybe a Bond villain, I like both ideas, he has a charm about him that I can’t help but like.

1.Idris Elba



My top choice, you might have noticed he’s slightly different to the rest of the list….he’s black, and if you have a problem with that please stop reading and jump off a building, if you don’t think he’s up to it go back and look at what he’s starred in, The Wire, Luther, Thor, The Office, Takers, Prometheus and Pacific Rim (also with Charlie Hunnam) he could quite possibly the most terrifying Bond if given the role.


Only time will tell if anyone on my list gets the role, but with news circulating that Aiden Turner is set to be announced it looks like I’m wrong..5 times. But if you have an opinion on who it should be comment below!