With Oscar season well and truly over we turn our attention to the summer blockbusters that promise so much but tend to deliver bitter disappointment only made sweet by the extra large popcorn we all finished half way through the trailers.

Suicide Squad

After reviews that broke Ben Afflecks heart surely DC’s rag tag bunch of scallywags would outshine Dawn of justice, it’s all set up so beautifully for Suicide Squad to be the movie of the summer,  Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is enough for me to throw all my money at anywhere showing it, but with Jared Leto as The Joker it adds a make or break element, Heath Ledger was so iconic in the role the comparison is always going to be made between the two. From the limited information given in the trailers the suspense is building, I only hope they don’t try to make him as dark as the Ledger portray, if they do it will feel like such a disappointment, like paying money to see Batman v Superman.

X-men Apocalypse


Guess who likes superhero movies? That’s right, everybody! The eagerly anticipated next movie role of Stan Lee! If I was in his position I’d also put myself in all my movies, but playing second fiddle to the man himself is Apocalypse, his most powerful creation, all hell is about to break loose and I get to enjoy it from the comfort and relative safety of my seat.

War Dogs

Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as gun runners, there’s only one word to describe this, shenanigans, there will be lots of them, directed by Todd Phillips most famous for the hangover trilogy…which would explain why Bradley Cooper has a small cameo in the movie, it just looks like a lot of fun, Jonah Hill has put weight on so you know it’s a comedy.

Finding Dory

With Finding Nemo comfortably in IMDBs top 250 movies Finding Dory has some big boots to fill, but look at the cast of voice actors, it’s hard not to be impressed, and it only took them 13 years to make, I wish they waited that long to make a sequel to The Lion King but we can’t all get what we want….yet. I’m one of the people that loves the original so I’m pretty hyped for this movie, and it looks like it could be as good.


How to remake a classic? According to Paul Feig just cast women in the main roles, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cross the streams….it has redeemed itself with the parts for the original cast member but I’m unsure about this, that’s a lie, I don’t think it will be as good as the original, you may now all accuse me of being a sexist pig.

Independance Day

Classic may be a little strong but another remake and another Hemsworth brother, give someone else a chance guys! Anyway I digress, it’s good to see Bill Pullman back, I think he’s been waiting longer than all of us for the sequel, as a Brit there’s nothing I love more than good old American patriotism, I expect this to be an hour and a half of America kicking ass and saving the world with wonderful special effects.


With Vikings taking off and gaining popularity with every season Travis Fimmel has taken full advantage and has got himself a lead role in this fantasy epic, this is going to gross an incredible amount solely based on the subject matter, will it live up to the fans high expectations? I’m going to sit on the oh some comfortable fence for this movie, but feel free to comment letting me know what you think.