If you don’t know what to go and watch this week, go see Money Monster.

Based on current scores on IMDB (6.8) and Rotten Tomatoes (55%) I would consider not going to watch it. I’m glad I watched it before checking the score, IMDB, I don’t think it’s far off what it should be. However, Rotten Tomatoes, I think maybe they have some of their namesake rating it. If you are going to read on, there will be spoilers – you have been warned.

I can’t honestly say that it was one of the greatest movies of all time because it wasn’t, it just wasn’t, but if you go into every movie expecting that then you’re a bigger idiot than the kid in the picture.


Money Monster had a solid story and solid performances from the three main stars. However, Jack O’Connell did particularly well and stood out the most for me.

The Director is someone you may be familiar with, Jodie Foster remember her? She was famous in the 70’s – 90’s.


I suppose I better talk about the movie and stop taking cheap shots at everybody.

The movie all round, I thought was incredibly tense, well, take away the parts with George Clooney dancing (and proving he can look suave at just about anything) and it was. The reason I’m going to give it the score I do and not higher is because of the lack of major character development. We get a sight into why Kyle (O’Connell) has decided to take Lee (Clooney) hostage, but only because his girlfriend tells us exactly why. Kyle’s girlfriend in the process, publicly emasculates and breaks up the poor man. We’ve all been there.

But when one door closes another one opens. We have a weird bromance between Lee and Kyle…Stockholm syndrome? If it came down to it I’m sure a few of us would chose to hang with Clooney rather than our other half. In what turns into a little bit of role reversal, Lee and Kyle go marching through the streets of New York in order to confront a corrupt CEO….not like the one we have here at Nerdhub….not at all.


Anyway where was I! The walk through New York, and a look into the mind of Kyle turns out, there wasn’t really a bomb on the jacket he made Lee wear. I sure wouldn’t have admitted that, ballsy move. I don’t want to give away the ending but I will say this, it is a damning sign of society that after such a monumental event everyone goes back to their phones after mere seconds, and the news returns to the stock exchange, because money is life.

So now it’s rating time: