It might just be me but these Loot Crates seem to turn up quicker every time. This time Loot Anime has turned their gaze on a couple of individuals working hard at their job, mission or even towards their dreams. This crate dubbed Work For It! features items from the series Soul Eater, Gintama, Bungo Stray Dogs and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Now this is going to be an interesting crate for me as I’m only familiar with Soul Eater so I’m looking for items that’ll draw me into the other shows.

Now what can we expect this time. It’s no secret that as of late regular subscribers have been somewhat disappointed with the state of recent crates. To make amends Loot Anime uploaded a sneak peek video about half way into this crates availability showcasing the Gintama item included.  More on said item later but it did hype me up a lot more for this months crate. I was a good fan of Soul Eater after watching the anime but it did end on a flat note as the books were still ongoing and an alternate ending was created. So what I’m after for this series is a volume of the manga to entice me back to the series and learn the true ending.

Yep it’s a bigger box this time almost matching the colossal size of the Unnatural box. But then that’s to be expected consider the item previewed. Now then on with the unboxing!

So let’s kick things off with the biggest thing in this month’s crate and the source of Loot Anime’s sneak peak video; an 8 inch figure of Gintama’s main star, the lazy samurai Gintoki Sakata. The figure did require a small amount assembly as it start out in 5 pieces including the foot stand and while he just wears a plain white haori there’s no knocking the amount of detail put in to it. Putting the sword in his hand was a bit fiddly and remains a little loose but it’s a very stylish looking figure, it’s a simple stance he’s taken but he definitely looks a threat. Before now my only knowledge of the series was down to the little nods it constantly makes to other shows such as Bleach, Naruto and Assassination Classroom. But with this guy proudly sitting beside my other figures there’s no doubt I’ll be giving it a go now.

Now from being stoked with the first item I was bemused by the next. So beside the odd clip I pretty much have no idea what Bungo Stray Dogs is about and the provided 6 inch foam book-styled pouch isn’t helping. The back of the poster briefly explained that the design comes from the notebook of one of the shows main characters who can pull out anything he wants from it simply by writing it down. So it’s actually kind of an interesting approach from Loot Anime with the storage pouch idea. It looks well made and there’s a nice quality to it but I’m actually struggling to find any real uses for it. Sadly it’s just too small to hold a manga but I guess it could be used as a small pencil case or made to hold your 3DS and games.

Delving back into the crate and what do you know, it’s exactly what I was hoping for the first Volume the Soul Eater manga. Finally got a prediction right! Personally I’m really happy with the book, it’s been about 7 years since I watched the show and reading the first couple of chapters was kind of nostalgic. So what have Loot Crate done to make this an exclusive? Well they’ve embossed the cover art of Soul, Maka and Blair. Yeah I’m not really impressed either but I was never expecting anything fancy anyway so not going to complain. I recommend the show if you haven’t seen it already it’s entertaining with a fun nutty cast of characters and visually it’s very striking. Just be wary that ending isn’t original and leaves something to be desired which is now a nice incentive to read the books. As always for those interested here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

“Maka is a weapon meister, determined to turn her partner, a living scythe named Soul Eater, into a powerful death scythe – the ultimate weapon of Death himself! Charged with the task of reaping tainted souls, Maka and her fellow meisters strive to master their as they face off against the bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld. But the meisters’ own personal quirks may prove a bigger obstacle than any sultry enchantress!”

This means the last item we’re getting is themed around the fantasy comedy series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Topping of Work for it! is a blank notepad emblazoned with a golden silhouette of the transforming dragon maid herself Tohru. Again I’m not familiar with the series my only knowledge is more down to the adorable clips that are flooding my Facebook page as of late. I’m a sucker for human-animal/creature design so I was planning to checking it out anyway but more so inclined now. It’s a well-presented pad it’s hard to describe the cover but the card used gives it a nice sort of scaly quality. The paper is faded green and features a more detailed silhouette of the cover art in the corner of each page which adds to the charm.

This just leaves us with items for Loot Anime’s mascot Yume. This month Yume looks right at home in a quaint little coffee shop with the poster featuring a general three panel scene of her prepping a coffee for a customer. Such a simple scene created by Lim Wei Lum (Usankorin)/CDS but its painted style looks gorgeous and brings in so much detail. The accompanying charm, finished in plastic, builds on the coffee shop theme with a Starbucks inspired cup featuring the new feline companion that’s made recent appearances. Bit of a let I thought when compared to the stylish poster art, I would have preferred a charm of Yume in her new workplace attire.

All in all I’d say that Work For It! is a great step up from recent crates, definitely in the last two months at least. I’ve actually been left with the feeling like I’ve had my money’s worth from this box. If Soul Eater hasn’t cropped up on your radar then as I said before I highly recommend it and the manga is a great place to start. Really looking forward to revisiting the series after so long. The Miss Kobayashi notepad is among one of the nicer pads I have, so nice that I’m already doodling my own characters into it, and it’s a very practical item so it’s hard to really fault it. I feel the pouch is the weakest item this month, it’s a nice item but it’s more novel and maybe a bit too small to hold anything significant.

So yes that means the Work For It! star item then goes to the Gintama figure, and really how could it not. It’s been so long since a quality figure has been included, it’s a decent size, looks stylish and there’s a certain finesse to the detail. A massive improvement over the weedy little figures provided recently, please Loot Anime could we have more of these!

September’s Loot Anime theme is Survive and features items from Death Note (lets hope the item’s better than the recent Netflix film), Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden and Deadman Wonderland. And yeah I will be unboxing it next month Work For It! has put me in somewhat of an optimistic mood.