All in all I was left more disappointed than anything with the contents of last months Loot Anime (although I am now hooked on School-Live!), so I’m really, really hoping for better things with the 20th Loot Anime crate titled, Unnatural. This months theme features items from the four franchises Death Note, Noragami, Mob Psycho 100 and Parasyte.

A big disappointment last time was a lack of wearable’s so here’s hoping they’ve rectified this. Of the selected franchises this month I’m only really familiar with two, the supernatural comedy Noragami and…well, really who isn’t a fan of Death Note. Of course if there’s a t-shirt for either of these that would be perfect, failing that maybe a Ryuk plush or Yato’s faded blue scarf might be fun. As for the other two franchises I’m aware of them but I’ve never been tempted by, so If I anything I’d like something that could change my mind about them.

With the crates arrival things were already off to a good start as it was much bigger than the previous one. Now let’s get this unboxing underway!

So box open and straight away you can see there’s…A T-SHIRT! As happy as I was about it I couldn’t help but to be drawn to the box with Death Note written along the sides first. In said box is a glow in the dark mug, and yes I can confirm it does glow. Eerily glowing on one side is the usual skull logo and floating on the other side is the silhouette of everyone’s favourite shinigami Ryuk. I actually really like this item, it’s a decent sized mug and looks top quality so being the coffee fiend that I am it’s getting a lot of use. It’s also goes very nicely with the Black Lagoon coasters that came with last months Loot Anime. 

Naturally next out was the T-SHIRT! Due to lack of funds and what not I’ve turned my subscription on and off since it started and every time I’ve missed some cool item of clothing (really gutted I missed the Ghost in the Shell shirt from Future), which is why happy to finally get one. Although it is from a franchise I’m not too familiar with, so when I opened it up I wasn’t really sure what moment was being captured. Not that I was too bothered because that demonic silhouette looks damn cool. It’s reference Mob Psycho 100 and from what I’ve googled it depicts Mob near the peak of his powers. Not too sure what that means but I’ve bookmarked the show to watch next, so that items fulfilled what I was looking for.

After the excitement of the t-shirt next out was something really unexpected. Representing Noragami was a second wearable item, a snap-back hat. I was a little torn with this. Kind of nice to have a second wearable item and it does go very nice with the t-shirt, but personally I haven’t worn a cap in nearly 10 years and at first I couldn’t tell what its connection was to Noragami. It’s been some time since I watched the series, so after yet another google search I found it actually comes from Yato’s rival in the first series Rabo who wears a mask depicting the same design. An interesting idea I guess but I think there could have been a better way to representing such an animated show than with one of its weakest characters. It also heavily felt like Loot Anime were trying make up for the missing wearable last month.

Yet again there’s another manga included, this time it’s for the psychological thriller Parasyte. This one is a Collector’s Edition of Volume 1 with 300 pages, nearly double the content of last month’s School-Live! manga. As an exclusive for Loot Anime this copy also features a bonus chapter, a crossover between Hitoshi Iwaakis’ Parasyte and Hiro Mashima’ Fairy Tail. It’s the first time chapter has been published which is a really neat addition (yup I’m a Fairy Tail Fan!). I do like trying out new manga and from the quick flick through it looks to have an interesting premise, so I’m really looking forward to sitting down and getting through it. The only niggle I have about this one is just the copy I got has a slight tear along the spine. For those interested here’s the write up on the back of the book:

“They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who to survive must invade – and take control – a human host. Once they have infected their victims, they can assume and deadly form they choose – monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands – but most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret – except an ordinary high school student. Shinichi is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?”

Of course the only items left in the box at this stage are the usual Yume themed poster and phone-charm. To fit with the unnatural theme this month Yume’s cosplaying as a vampire, donning a cape and armed with a scythe. The poster this time is designed by Stephanie Kao and in it Yume’s is looking menacing by showing off her fighting skills with that scythe. The charm on the on the other hand has her looking a lot cuter and much more ghostly. These are actually my favourite designs of Yume so far and it’s the first poster that I’ve actually thought about hanging up.

So in a battle between Humanity and the Unnatural the later takes it, a nice improvement over last months mixed batch. The t-shirt and the manga have done exactly what I wanted and peaked my interest into franchises that had dropped off my radar. I’ve already mentioned how much I like Mobs sinister design on the t-shirt, but it’s also comfortable to wear and the thinner quality means it’ll be good for the upcoming summer months. As for the book well it looks like a promising dark thriller and I’m never gonna knock the chance to read a new manga. The only item I wasn’t really taken by was the Noragami strap-back hat, I thought it was an interesting idea but thought there was a better way of highlighting the series then with an anime only villain.

As I mentioned before I’m a big coffee drinker so my top item this month goes to the Death Note –glow in the dark mug. I also love the way Loot Crate have timed this item giveaway with the coasters from last month, they go so well together!

June’s Loot Anime theme is Riseup and features items from Gurren Lagann, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Knights of Sidonia, Blame! and Voltron: Legendary Defender which we’ll be unboxing again next month.