So I’m a little late publishing this one but here we go again, time to rummage through another box of anime goodies. This months focus has shifted from those working towards their dreams and jobs to those working hard just to Survive “whether it’s grueling training, epic battles or facing the power of a Shinigami”. Loot Anime tells us that with these items we can “power through life’s challenges” and they come courtesy of Death Note (still salty over the Netflix adaption), Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden and Deadman Wonderland. Luckily I’m familiar with all series this month except for Black Clover which is still relatively new.

Loot Anime are continuing their efforts to win back fans who’s trust in the crates was feigning with another ‘spoiler reveal’ video and what do you know it’s another figure! We’ll get to what or who it is in a bit but I will say that it’s comes straight out of Naruto Shippuden. A great start so with that down let’s think what else could be in store.

Why not look at Death Note first as it’s the second time it’s cropped up and only recently as a nifty mug in Unnatural. As far as predictions go for a second time well after the awful Netflix adaption I could do with something to cheer me up and who better than the one thing they almost got right Ryuk. A t-shirt, a plush, a keychain just anything with that classic death god grin. Black Clover is a fairly new series, so new that the anime dropped just this month so it’s basically assured that this’ll be the manga right? That just leaves Deadman Wonderland (a series I’d love a second season to) and well I’ m hazarding a guess at some kind of wearable as Work For It was lacking one.

As the crate has now arrived let’s crack on with our unboxing.

First out of the box is this month’s t-shirt and it comes from, well a personal favourite Deadman Wonderland. The design depicts the series two ‘Deadman’ protagonists the meek fighter Ganta and the energetic klutz Shiro. Once again it’s a very comfortable t-shirts and it’s quite a simple design just close-ups of the two character finished in red. I probably would have preferred something more chaotic or dynamic to more match the style of the show, the fight scenes being particularly impressive. Plus when I wore it out my mate said at a distance it just looks like a picture of two slabs of meat.

So we get to the ‘Video Spoiler’ figure and the Naruto character we’ve got is the runaway loner Sauske Uchiha. The figure’s been designed by Banpresto so as you can expect a great amount of detail has been put into it. Sauske stands at just 6 inches, which is slightly smaller than last months Gintama figure, but it’s still very highly detailed with lots of good tones to it. Only a small amount of assembly was required coming in three pieces, the sword, plastic stand and the renegade shinobi himself. It is a really good looking figure, the only drawback I have is just my own personal gripe. I think Sasuke is… an ass! I just couldn’t get on with the character in the show and the more I heard about his exploits after I dropped the show (I stopped around after Naruto-Pain fight) the worse he seemed to get.

So I asked for something with Ryuk’s cheeky grin on and Loot Anime have delivered. Putting it on a pair of socks though hadn’t really crossed my mind, not that I’m complaining. They’re fun, quirky and oh so comfortable. There’s a good deal of elasticity to them giving them a nice snug fit and there’s a decent thickness so they’re toasty warm. Another plus is it’s the GOOD Ryuk and he’s looking nice and menacing. As Loot Anime tend to do Netflix tie-ins I was worried we were going to get something related more to their film. Instead this has actually perked me up a bit after the disastrous Netflix adaption.

This brings us to the last main item and this month’s manga which also means it revolves around Black Clover. Yes it’s the first volume of the next big shonen manga and it’s a series I’m really keen to get stuck into. To make this an exclusive Loot Anime have given their copies an alternative version of the cover artwork. As always if your unfamiliar with the series here’s the blurb from the book:

 “Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem – he can’t use any magic! Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic Can someone who can’t use magic really become the Wizard King? One thing’s for sure – Asta will never give up!”

Now to finish off with our favourite mascot Yume and all of these dark Survival shows have really put her in a fighting mood. Designed by Xipel, the poster artwork this time has a very dynamic feel; the minimalist colour scheme has really been used to great effect to pull this off. As for the charm this time is a bit different but it’s actually one of my favs. It’s Yume’s face but it’s been cut onto a small teardrop shaped piece of MDF. The finish really fits but I’m not really sure how durable it would be or rather how long it would last if you were to actually carry it around on your phone or keys.

Overall Survive is a great instalment to the Loot Anime series with such a great amount of high quality items. The t-shirt design while simple really stands out while feeling comfortable as usual, we’ve been given a great starting point to a new action/adventure series that is sure to be around a good few and as much as I hate him the Sasuke Uchiha figure looks great and is finished to high quality.

This month is an odd one but I’m giving the star item to the gimmicky Death Note socks. I know they seem like more of a dumb extra compared to some of the other items but their simplicity is really fun. I can’t get over how comfortable they are and the Ryuk design on them is top notch. Plus combined with the t-shirt Survive has really made up for last months lack of wearable.

October’s Loot Anime theme is Anime, Gods and Spirits and features items from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mushi-Shi, Noragami, and the artist Yoshitaka Amano best known for his work on Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D.