Well it’s that time of the month again where we unbox another crate of anime goodies. At the centre of this months’ Loot Anime are a special group of formidable weirdoes, goofy or seemingly incompetent but each one with the heart of a champion! The shows selected to promote Action Comedy are One-Punch Man, Trigun: Badland Rumble, KonoSuba, FLCL and High School DxD. Even after last months’ overall disappointing crate I was really excited for this crate as I’m a fan of all of the featured anime (well High School DxD is just fine).

The box has arrived and it looks like Loot Crate are sticking with the smaller crates. Already very sceptical of its contents. Now then on with the unboxing!

The first thing that caught my eye upon opening was the small box of figures. Inside were two chibi style figures of Saitama and Genos of the epic One Punch Man. As I found out this is just one of four possible combinations with the previously mentioned characters and Lord Boros in a variety of different positions. The figures stand at just 3 Inches with the chibi likenesses held up on a clear plastic pole so they seemingly float and move. Now what makes this a Loot Anime exclusive is the metallic paint finish on them which I’m really not a fan of. Without looking at the back of the poster I thought they looked like defects with a botched paint job. Compared to the pictures on the box these figures simply look dull and uninteresting. If you do fancy collecting the others then a limited number can be purchased from Loot Vault.

Next out of the crate was another t-shirt, Loot Anime are on a bit of a roll with these recently. The tees design comes from Trigun, well specifically the film Badlands Rumble, which personally I only just discovered as the series cropped up on Netflix. Featured is the $$60 billion man himself Vash the Stampede, his insurance broker babysitters Meryl and Milly, the trigger happy priest Wolfwood and two movie exclusive characters Amelia and Gasback. I really can’t get enough of this design, it looks so good. It’s busy, stylish and wildly chaotic which really fits the show perfectly.

After taking a break last month the regularly included manga is back and the franchise they’ve taken it from is Konosuba: God’s Blessing on the Wonderful World. It’s the first volume of the manga with 160 pages of funny and the exclusive part of this is the funky shiny silver cover. I was thrilled about getting this item, I was a massive fan of the series as  it never failed to make me laugh. It’s charming, doesn’t take itself too seriously, features a likeable band of misfits and just generally huge amounts of fun. Can’t wait to get stuck in this book and see where it all started. If you want to know what it’s all about here’s the books blurb:

“Kazuma Sato is a game-loving shut-in – or at least he was, right up until a humiliating traffic accident brought his young life to an untimely end…is what you think. But after his death, a beautiful young girl calling herself a goddess offers him the chance to be reborn in another world. And so Kazuma’s grand adventure to defeat the demon king begins…is what should have happened. But now he’s been burdened with the useless goddess Aqua explosion-magic obsessed loli girl Megumin as they struggle to obtain just the basic necessities, doing nothing but hard labour day in and day out…”

Next out of the box were items I really had quite mixed opinions on. Two very well presented 9” x 6 ½” art cards that represent TWO of this months featured shows FLCL and High School DxD. They showcase some really good artwork from each series (one more then another) and are well present with a nice print quality. In fact I liked the FLCL card so much I’ve framed it and hung it up. The niggle I have with these is that I think it’s a bit of a cheat they’ve done the same thing for two franchises. One of the crates I got previously (School-Life I think) also had art cards for Digimon and in that crate there were three of them.

The FLCL art print stars the 13 year old protagonist Naota, eccentric and reckless out of space investigator Haruko, the pin point sharpshooter Lt. Kitsurbami and Canti the mechanised man with a TV for a head. Cool, moody and dynamic it really is a great piece of artwork. Its inclusion is also really well timed as the second and third season have just been announced. The High School DxD card compared to it sadly isn’t as interesting as we just get a general group shot of the perverted protagonist Issei, the sweet and innocent Asia and the beautiful devil heiress Rias. The fan service is very strong with this series so it’s a bit of a surprise they didn’t go more towards that theme.

This all takes us to the exclusive poster and key chain. In this poster designed by Hans Tseng things haven’t gone to well for Yume as she looks to have been thwarted by a cat in her pursuit of a bowl of noodles. This is one of my favourite designs, just love that gormless expression of defeat that Yume has written across her face. The keychain is of the victorious cat with “Nya!!” (meaning meow) written in Katakana down the side and to make a difference from the regular charms this one’s made of rubber.

I really do want to like this crate, but there’s so much that frustrates me about it. Don’t get me wrong I really like the artwork on the art cards (well the FLCL one at least) but for them to do the same thing for two of the featured franchised feels cheap. If you ought this crate specifically with these series in mind you’d feel more then a little ripped off. As for the One Punch Man figures I would have been much happier if they hadn’t coated them in a dull silver finish, it completely drains all the colour out of characters.

Now let’s end things with a positive, this month’s star loot. This was a tough choice between two the t-shirt and the manga. The t-shirt I honestly do approve of I really dig the hectic design and it’s very comfortable to wear, I can see myself wearing it lot. However for star item I’m leaning more towards the volume of Konosuba. My main reason for this is a week earlier I was eyeing up the book on one of my monthly visits to Forbidden Planet. If you’re looking for a good chuckle then I highly recommend you check this show out, it’s never fails to get a laugh and after just one chapter the same very much applies to the manga.

I’m a bit disappointed with the state of the Loot Anime crates recently so I’m thinking of taking another break from them for a while. I will be getting next months but whether I continue these unboxing articles really hinges on how well that one does. August’s Loot Anime theme is Work For It! and features items from Soul Eater, Gin Tama, Bungo Stray Dogs and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.