Just a heads up, this is absolute cringe to the max. First off, I know what you’re thinking. What the fuck is a Bronie? I asked that exact thing around a year ago when I first heard the word, was it cool? Was this going to be the next ‘big’ word making into the Oxford English Dictionary? I investigated, and my questions were answered immediately.




For those not familiar with the term Bronie, let me give you a little insight. Now only adult males can be Bronies, there is ALWAYS going to be a Fedora hat involved next a weak beard game, but the biggest giveaway in all this is the fact they all LOVE, and I mean fucking LOVE, My Little Pony. Imagine getting as excited for this as you would the new Game of Thrones.. I know.


..ok Jared

Now considering this show is made primarily for girls under the age of 12, its a little strange that there seems to be so many people, of the complete opposite demographic, that literally swear by every word spoken by the these (apparently normal) multicoloured ponies., some even going as far as imagining relationships with these animated characters.



No matter how much I look into this, I find myself having to just stop. Its taken me over a week just to finish this article. There is only so much fucking cringe I can take. Now im not going into a massive analysis of what being a bronie is and you’re fucking dam right im not looking into the psychology involved, im not Louis Theroux-ing this shit by any means at all and struggled watching more than a minute of this apparently iconic cartoon.




Enjoy cringe at its best, also feel free to explore the fucking massive reddit subcategory and comment as you please below.



“Why do women hate me?” I wonder..


Disclaimer – Please do not bronie alone, do so at your own peril (See above)                                (Also see below)



Oh lord my eyes


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